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  1. Wretched Microsoft!

    On one of the main computers I work with, it runs 2 hard drives - one with 98 and the other with xp I would consider going over to Mac otherwise
  2. For Sale: Sako 75 "4" sporter walnut stock

    Try please
  3. For Sale: Howa 6.5 Creedmoor *reduced price"

    Sold pending payment
  4. For Sale: 6PPC dies

    I have a set of Wilson dies for the 6PPC and a custom American made seating die. Wilson seating die Wilson bushing die 264 bushing Seating die with Mitutoyo micrometer adjustment. Got a few bits of brass to throw in too £120 Ono posted
  5. Are Magnum rifles pointless ego sticks for uk stalking?

    I love the wsm - magnum enough but not too overbore.
  6. Wanted: 6mm PPC

    I have some Wilson dies and a top end seating die
  7. For Sale: Peli 1700

    I have a Peli 1700 with very few light marks. The foam has been cut, but easy enough to replace the top layers. I can post pictures tomorrow £160 collected or plus post
  8. Jäger Sporting Arms , Colchester

    I have loads of pictures of chambers from custom rifles, taken by a bore scope. Having owned custom rifles and rebarrelled rifles built by quite a few of the UK gunsmiths, used for sporting and 1000 yards competition, you get to see the care and attention that has or has not been paid to the job.
  9. Jäger Sporting Arms , Colchester

    What qualifications are available in the UK to define gunsmith/gunplumber, and do you know who has which ones? Are any meritorious from USA able to be carried over here to help?
  10. Rifle re-barrel

    Expect to pay between £600 and £1200+ for a rebarrel depending on barrel brand and who does it. If it's a stalking rifle for deer, there's no wrong barrel or gunsmith. I would surmise that every barrel fitted correctly can achieve better than factory.
  11. Sold: sako 75 .243 *NEW*. withdrawn

    Withdrawn - back in a collection, since no one wanted it at £800... 🤷‍♀️
  12. So, what’s your claim to fame?

    Many years ago there was a living history event at Balsover castle which covered warfare and craft from Romano Britain to current day servicemen. One of Winston Churchill's descendents was there with others, displaying artefacts, papers, etc.
  13. Sold: sako 75 .243 *NEW*. withdrawn

    Priced reduced to a bargain!!!
  14. Overpriced Guns ?

    I would suggest that brand does dictate price. Also, if gunshops stack the prices, inherently the private price would be appropriately dictated. As with any auction, you take your chances, you pay your money. You might buy a lemon, you might not, but certainly no returns (unless functionally not...
  15. Jäger Sporting Arms , Colchester

    As with most RFD/gunsmiths in the UK, there's a good chance to find his page on Facebook
Our passion is your passion... stalk with us!