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  1. Oldest bit of kit you still regularly use

    Still using army socks that are 30 years old, and have probably another 5 years left in them. Thorlo hiking socks are also the other option. My DPM smock from 30 years ago still gets out regularly too. My day to day engraving tools were given to my dad over 70 years ago when he first started...
  2. Loss of accuracy after cleaning

    I kinda stumbled on the JB paste part of the post after ready the woes of the inaccuracies of the chap's rifle. Interesting thoughts behind the JB paste - is it good or bad etc? My thoughts - (feel free to knock me down in flames please) It's a polish, so in a pedantic sense it does remove...
  3. Wet weather jacket

    So far army gore Tex jackets have kept me dry over the years. A regular wipe over to try to get the muck off, and a regular does of nikwax spray has done the job.
  4. For Sale: Full Custom rifle 6x47 Lapua

    Thank you all for your enquiries regarding the rifle. No serious or respectful offers means that it will be withdrawn for sale. I won't lock or delete the sale, so you can contact me regarding the rifle.
  5. Which one? 6.5 PRC or 270 WIN

    How about building a 300wm.... Easy for factory ammo - everything from PPU to full match. If it's being built to your spec, you can have a tighter than normal twist so you can run 215gr Berger's. There's plenty of good factory rifle offerings, but going this far, why not go custom? You will...
  6. 6.5 Creedmoor

    This is at my local RFD And I have a PSE composite stock s/h for a howa if you don't fancy the GRS.
  7. For Sale: Full Custom rifle 6x47 Lapua

    Last bump guys..... make a serious offer
  8. For Sale: McMillan stock Remington s/a

    I will organise a few extra pictures
  9. Rifle condition reports??

    When ever I offer my rifle up for sale, I do invite "open to independent inspection". This I would suggest is even someone who knows what they are looking at, without being part of the guntrade, and (in theory) no vested interest apart from its right, or a waste of money. Unless the RFD knows...
  10. For Sale: McMillan stock Remington s/a

    Now listed on eBay
  11. DIY Bullet making

    Did you buy it from an rfd in central Scotland?
  12. Wanted: SAKO / TIKKA 243 CAL

    Pm sent
  13. Devcon & J.B.Weld.

    Just to add, it's a full size tub like "normal" devcon
  14. DIY Bullet making

    Yes, it did run in to the thousands but it financially added up cheaper than buying "boxed" bullets if you didn't mind the initial outlay. A chap was making bespoke bullets for estates for use in their collections (rifles we can only dream about...)
  15. Reducing SD worth it

    It can be done with care and attention to initial case prep. Once done though, it's easy to maintain and continue the steps of reloading. It certainly isn't voodoo or any dark art. If you have 20 perfect cases, this will give you time to start on a new bigger batch of cases of say 50. Simple...