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  1. chasing the elusive beaver!!!!

    hello folks, looks whos back!! :O) hows everyone been?....hope your eyes have been good and your bullets hitting true!!.......lets hope the new season is a good one for red and fallow and its also good to see 'andy stalker' has made a terrific dog out of alfie, my dog i had to let go!! :O)...
  2. The Site

    thats where the bloody on button is, its been so long i couldnt remember!! :lol: hows everyone doing?...getting set for the cla, which i am disappointed i cant make. :( just to add to the post malc made about steve - beowulf- a fitting tribute i feel :) anyone seen the beaver i lost ...
  3. hey, im back!!....but, with needs a new home!

    hello all, thankyou to everyone for your kind words and support, i am pleased to say i have found alfie a superb new home with one of the sites regular members. he will be doing what he is best at and working with deer!! this pleases me a lot and i know he will have a great life with this...
  4. hey, im back!!....but, with needs a new home!

    hello all, sounds like you all had a great time at the quex, good to hear!!......after a good few months i have returned, thanks to all those who have been in touch,stone and beowulf especially, it means a lot!! my marriage has now broken down and i am now main concern now...
  5. Boar hunting

    the bloke shouldnt of been so f##king stupid anyway!! :lol: fancy approaching an animal wioth razor sharp tusks full face on, what a ****!! :lol: well i suppose he lived to see the funny side this time.....jumping off the cliffs edge next!! :roll: :lol: :lol:
  6. only in america!!

    found this on youtube, must admit it did make me laugh, just goes to show how gullable some people can be!! :lol: :lol: enjoy!!
  7. CLA 2008, whos going??

    hello stone, did you opt for my design for the t-shirts in the end?? :roll: hows it going anyway mate, heard you had a good weekend with the lads!! :-D all the best duggers
  8. on a serious matter!!

    of course, those who know me will understand!! :lol: :lol: ........just a chance to post another thread as i havent done so in a while!!! :roll: cheers duggers
  9. on a serious matter!!

    whats that!!...... :lol: :lol:
  10. 1000 posts!

    i think your mate bill oddey is coming round to present you with the 1000th post badge mate, make sure he doesnt offer you the 'special' sheriffs badge!!.....especially if its rusty!!!! :shock: :shock:
  11. we have lost a member!!

    black ties on and heads bowed, i fear a well loved member has now departed!! as i said, evolution has now revolved and we are the hunted!! when someone said to me tonight, here take this duggers and look at 'lucy in the sky with diamonds' i thought they were crazy, but hey...........its...
  12. always look up!!

    hello all, when you next sit in your high seats i know you may be 10ft or so up and think you may be above your game, but dont be misleaded, has noone ever told you that deer do actually climb trees?? surely the dsc1/2 should of told you this!! :shock: :shock: :lol: :lol: be...
  13. a change in evolution!!

    thought i must make you all aware about a threat to our evolution and what changes it may have!! :shock: be on you guard at all times!!! :shock: :shock: c,mon, did you expect me to come back to the posting with something serious??? :lol: :lol: hows everyone doing??? duggers
  14. my claim to fame!!

    hi steyr, i wish it was a jim,ll fix it badge but they wouldnt let me go on the show because what i asked for was looked at as 'innopropriate' for a 10 year old boy!! :shock: :lol: :lol:
  15. my claim to fame!!

    hi beowulf, i sent my red to the taxidermist, even though i was only having it skulled i didnt have the tools to get the job done right, the secret to keep the skull nice and white is to bleach as soon as its boiled as the fat penetrates the skull and stains it. the antlers were nicely oiled and...
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