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  1. Fox 123g in 6.5x55

    Any one using Fox 123g heads in a 6.5x55 for roe, just wondering how you find them? I’m currently using 120g Sierra Pro Hunters driven by 46g of Vit N160, from a Sauer 202 Outback, they work well on roe and reds. All comments and recommendations welcome.
  2. Sako 75 6.5 x 55

    Norma 120g very accurate and good for roe, foxes etc but not for reds, they are too fragile, have a look at the Norma site.
  3. 6.5x55 for Roe - Factory ammo results

    I load 120g Scierra Pro Hunters in my 6.5, used them on roe, fallow and red with no problems and not much meat damage, my load is fairly mild. A friend also using 6.5x55 with Norma 120g BT bullets had no problem with roe and superbly accurate, but has moved to Federal 140g factory loads after...
  4. Knife design thoughts

    I’ve made a good few knives for myself and others. I started as I couldn’t find a handle shape and size on a blade that I liked, small blade handle too small, right sized handle the blade was too long and too thick. I’ve used 01 steel, haven’t had a problem with it provided you keep it clean to...
  5. God’s own bullet weight for God’s own calibre.

    I reload for my Sako 75 222 and found that 55g seems to suit it best, foxes, crows, roe and the odd rabbit. The caliber has legendary accuracy with the Sako being a tack driver. I found 55g better on roe so settled on that.
  6. 6.5x55 N160 and 120gr sierra SP.

    I’m using 45g of N160 with 120g Pro Hunters set 40thou off the lands, great load, very accurate, mild recoil and little damage. I was using 48g, got the same accuracy but more recoil. Dropping back 3g hasn’t made any noticeable difference at normal stalking ranges so why burn more powder and put...
  7. BASC says don’t pay medical fee

    I'm aware of a person in Tayside in exactly this situation. Their local medical practise has refused to provide the information and as such Police Scotland office in Dundee have said they cannot proceed with the renewal application. BASC are aware of the situation and are looking into the matter.
  8. Best bullet for fallow 6.5 ×55

    120g Sierra Gameking sp, work on fallow, roe & reds
  9. New Land Rover Disco Sport.

    I wouldn't touch one of the new 2.2 or older 2.4 Defenders with a barge pole, too many engine and tranny problems, I'm not surprised they are going out of production! Before anyone says anything I've run Defenders for years, currently a 300tdi which is still going strong after 18 years, but the...
  10. What calibre for deer???

    I have both 6.5x55 and 222, if I was restricted to one rifle it would be 6.5, great for all deer species in the UK and on roe doesn't do any more damage than the 222.
  11. Available: Places available on small Walk & Stand Pheasant syndicate

    A small and friendly walk and stand shoot is looking for two or three new members to join us for the 2015/2016 Season. We are located approx.4 miles from Brechin and shoot over roughly 1500 acres of mixed terrain andwoodland. The shoot is now coming into its fourth season and has 5 established...
  12. knife edge

    +1 for Lansky then strop the knife on a leather strop coated with chromium oxide powder & oil - there is loads of info on the net regarding this - doing this will give you a razor edge. I tend to simply strop the blade after every use only needing to sharpen it with the lansky after dressing out...
  13. 22-250 problems stabilising 55grain

    Speer 55g spritzer code number 1047, last batch labelled "Varmint" but I've never had any problem with them on roe. I use them in the 222 and 22-250 AI with no issue. I have used Scierra but can get Speers locally and didn't notice any difference in performance or POI. Duncan
  14. Sauer 202 Outback Accuracy

    Thanks all for the replies, will check the various points raised, then try again. As I said not an issue as the initial shot goes to POA more a niggle! I seem to remember a review of the rifle a few years ago that highlighted a similar problem but can't find a copy on the internet now. Will...
  15. 22-250 problems stabilising 55grain

    For interest I couldn't get my 222 Sako to group with boat tail bullets, problem solved when I switched to flat base, this with both 50 & 55 grain bullets, make didn't seem to make any difference. Rifle also has a 1:14 twist.
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