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  1. Big game hunting - marmite

    Would sign.....but hadn't heard/seen it! Sadly people that work, live and breath the outdoors are doing just that, and not sitting in front of social media all day. Pop a link up, and see if it can be made to stay in a place where it can been seen/copied for quick access, by busy people.
  2. For Sale: Ward 800S Nightvision add on £400

    Have sent pm...I think!
  3. Black box where video should be!

    Chrome did it! Tried so hard to not have chrome...then watched it...wish I hadn't. Thanks for helping out.
  4. Black box where video should be!

    Thanks for getting back. An example..." Don't shoot the messenger" Reading the thread, I think I should see a video in the first post. I can watch videos on YouTube. I used to see videos on this forum as well! I am sure I saw someone else post a similar thing not so long ago. Thanks for looking.
  5. Black box where video should be!

    Hi, please help. I used to be able to see videos in posts, now only a black box come up. Any ideas? Many thanks. PS....I have refreshed Flash Player, and can see you tube.
  6. I peeled an orange today.

    " I only took the three adult dogs with me all the time keeping a very close eye as they ranged ahead " Hi, I was wondering how you insure that your dogs don't step in a trap? Or is it as simple as calling them back when they get near one? Keep the tales coming, they are fantastic. Thanks.
  7. Scenario - Deer despatch, what do you do?

    "where no-one else is around, nearest house is ~300m"...why make a fuss...shoot it and keep quiete!
  8. Penned deer escapies

    If they are tagged....what is to say they have not been injected with something not suitable for the food chain? Or are all "injections" safe now? Thanks for any reply.
  9. W H Smith

    I got the same reply. Thank you for your email. WHSmith aims to offer our customers choice, whilst striking the right balance and not acting as a censor. WHSmith seeks to do its best to satisfy all of its customers who often have strongly opposing views. We aim to display all of our magazines...
  10. o2.

  11. Stag on the wrong side of the fence.

    Should have used a .243:stir:
  12. Detecting movement in trail cam pictures

    Just done it. Fantastic, now to find my old photos!
  13. Rattling up deer

    Only on Fallow. It worked a treat, but you need to be near the rutting stand.
  14. Sportsman Gun Centre

    Must say...never had a problem on service or price. Welcome, and maybe we could get the heads up for any future promotions:thumb:
  15. Lobo

    Sorry for the cheap joke...someone on here said he was a banker, some think he still is!!
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