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  • Hello Ken,
    My rifle is ready for me to collect from GMK, They say they could not see anything wrong with it. Well lets hope it shoots ok?
    Are you keeping ok? Been a bit busy with the family of late so not been in touch, I will give you a call one evening next week.
    All the best
    My heart sank over the Cumbria shootings - not only for the poor souls but the possible outcome.

    Potential killers rush onto to roads every morning - toiletries and 'mobiles in evidence, but minds are easily diverted from the commonplace highway deathtoll.

    So, it's situations like this which serve as a reminder to keep the shooting world squeaky-clean.

    Evidence points that some landowners and staff still do as they please, but the era of accountability is here to stay. The public have decided that they will not vote dictators into power, and this accountability now extends to the countryside. Our associations should get into schools and educate our children that the countryside is not just a playground.

    Its time that we stopped carrying 'dead wood' and ceased scoring 'own goals'.
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