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  1. Roe rut 2014

    BASC did the gold, and I have a formula that gets you within 1 or 2 points, simples.
  2. Roe rut 2014

    Left a few good ones ;)
  3. Roe rut 2014

    Yes I am sure, the gold has already been measured which is the first pic. The 2nd one is just short of a gold and the 3rd one is an easy silver and the last one just scraps it.
  4. Data Collection

    You should look at the ihuntjournal app. It does all that for you in a very simple app.
  5. Roe rut 2014

    1 Gold and 3 Silvers taken this rut. Also had a bronze or 2. Over all I think it has been a pretty average year and I am hearing the same from a lot of people.
  6. Drones?

    I have flown mine to 906m, I ranged it :) Had to bring it home then as the viewing googles did not like that kind of range. Good luck using it for anything stalking related. Deer do not like them, I know as I have tried on a number of occasions.
  7. Sporting rifle too much overseas hunting !!!!!!

    Fieldsports magazine is the only one worth buying these days.
  8. Melissa Bachman

    I will stand up for anyones right to shoot anything providing it is done: - Ethically. - The species is not endangered. - It does not harm the sport of hunting or bring hunters in to disrepute. - It is fair chase As far as I am aware she ticked 3 out of 4 of my standards. I personally...
  9. I'm famous (Sc*mwatch Facebook Page)

    I was also on this page. It was promptly reported, Facebook declined. I straight away went in with the copyright infringement and Facebook removed their post about me in 2 hours. Laziness is no excuse.
  10. African Hunt Competition - Hunt Africa For Free

    "10. What colour is the inside of a Mambas mouth" ​Green or Black?
  11. Swazi Wapiti Jacket draw - it's for free

    Day before my Birthday, do I get an earlier Birthday present :)
  12. Venison website domain

    Given that british-venison would cost £10.40 I would go with your offer.
  13. Mike Robinson's Wild Kitchen

    I too have seen Alan shoot, he would not take the shot unless he was confident. ​As for blowing the jaw off thats hard to do when the deer is looking at you.
  14. Ponchos in highseats?

    I always wear one of these when its wet. Umbrella Hats, Novelty Head Umbrella Hat, Buy Umbrella Hats Online. ​So far it has kept me dry.
  15. Mike Robinson

    ​He does