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  1. Laser Range Finder

    I have a golf one second hand from eBay - has done the job for very little cash. There are loads of good golf versions which do the same thing but seem to be a lot cheaper (bigger market I guess). As eluded to above overshoot the range requirement (ie a 600 will be better than a 400 even if you...
  2. Karl Kaps Scope warranty..

    Some interesting faults with the grade C KK scopes for sale on optics warehouse. No idea if they affect usage.
  3. For Sale: A few shotguns

    Thanks Rosco Was hoping a bit closer - good luck with the sale.
  4. Anyone keep their powder in the fridge?

    Nigel - was using that fantastic mod you sold me the other day and thought of you. Hope Essex is treating you well. Happy shooting!
  5. Anyone keep their powder in the fridge?

    My pal puts his shotgun carts on the radiator the night before - I can’t imagine it makes a difference in that scenario!
  6. Totally new to reloading... advice please on kit for reloading .308

    Sounds ideal when you have your pal round the corner who is going to help out. Have fun you will do more shooting if you load - what’s not to like!
  7. Totally new to reloading... advice please on kit for reloading .308

    Martin If you are a low tec guy a lee loader is a great place to start. I have added some things but I have now loaded a respectable load (for stalking not target shooting) that despite taking time to test hasn’t taken long at all. The lee loader works without a press (use a hammer). I have...
  8. 6.5x55 lee loader results

    I promised myself I wouldn’t get carried away with this...imagine how much more cash my company would have made today if I had put all this effort into working.
  9. 6.5x55 lee loader results

    sharps do you know what drop you would experience with those loads at 200m?
  10. 6.5x55 lee loader results

    24” barrel is what I have - so I think you will be spot on. Thanks for sharing.
  11. 6.5x55 lee loader results

    See 25 Sharp’s best guess - I have no idea but it gets to the target quicker than I can if that helps!
  12. 6.5x55 lee loader results

    I know! - delighted to find one at sportsman gun centre that was old stock. Surprised it is discontinued as 6.5x55 is popular over the pond with old boys and ex military shooters, who must be biggest users of lee loaders?
  13. For Sale: A few shotguns

    Ha ha yes I’m not used to this new SD format yet - it used to have location next to the name. Always easier if within easy striking distance as it adds £25 each way usually.
  14. For Sale: A few shotguns

    Hi Rosco - where about in the uk are you? I am looking for a Koffs like that. Thanks