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    Help regarding Rash on a HWV bitch

    We have had something very similar this year on our 5 year old poodle / springer. Never had it before but this year since spring has been terrible. have been prescribed I think Apoquel (need to check later) but I have to say now comingto the end of a lower dose course, it hasn’t cracked the...
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    Lost pups.

    What a relief. Good outcome - if only we knew what they saw!
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    Winter goats

    Good point - I must start commenting when I read them, if only as a courtesy to the writer. I particularly enjoy your and dodgyknees stories - for the record. (and others of course).
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    Shotgun slap

    completely with this. I hate Berettas (to shoot) and their slim actions, I find them uncomfortable to shoot. Brownings have a much wider action typically and I find them more comfortable for some reason. obviously this is a personal thing, considering the popularity of berettas, but I would...
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    muntjac no longer a deer ??

    so, so sensible. Would remove a lot of paperwork problems too. Allow everyone a blanket [say 2] rifles appropriate for use and under a certain cal, fully traceable, and allow the shooter to choose them and anything unusual requires a proper request. I guess that having DSC or something similar...
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    Help requested identifying a rifle make.

    Better known as fabrique nationale
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    Superglue for cuts?

    I’ve used the stuff from Wilkos for a couple of injuries, the worst was on the webbing between thumb and forefinger which when cut open leaves a huge void. Very odd. It worked ok but not sure if I would recommend it other than in extremis (I had just met my new girlfriend and had better things...
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    Lee loader - 308 - bulging shoulder

    Haha yes of course! Not with it this morning...
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    Lee loader - 308 - bulging shoulder

    Am am I getting confused here? Is the brass once fired from highland johns rifle, being used in hell toupes rifle? If so it won’t work unless fully resized.
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    Lee loader - 308 - bulging shoulder

    It was a hopeful suggestion! I thought you would be on top of that. Good luck with it though. Mine seems to work fine with a nylon mallet as long as the shell is hit all the way in when sizing.
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    Lee loader - 308 - bulging shoulder

    It might sound obvious, but are they fire formed in your rifle, or another one? You can only use new brass or brass from your own shooter as you probably know.
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    Lymph node picture thread?

    A great idea which I for one will follow with interest.
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    What Gun....??????

    My brother is very pleased with his bergara. All leave you change as well.
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    Anyone in East Sussex with a Sako Quad or Finnfire II in HMR/WMR?

    No but I have an Anschutz .22 if that would be good in the repertoire?