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  1. Rifle stock re coating

    It was actually deep forest!
  2. Rifle stock re coating

    It says on the tin you can use a primer, vids on you tube they didn’t use one. I chose not to. It does indeed leave a rough textured finish that is claimed anti scratch. It certainly seems that way too.
  3. Rifle stock re coating

    Personally I would scrape the soft touch off
  4. Rifle stock re coating

    Coat it yourself? This was a result of coating a T3 stock in a textured finish. It’s supposedly anti scratch, it’s a grippy as a grippy thing unlike the standard T3 stock which is pretty slippery and even worse when wet. I stippled my own grip on using a soldering iron. The coating I used is...
  5. Variations yet?

    Thames valley now doing variations, unsure on length of time to process.
  6. Both eyes open?

    Both eyes open. How you get to this guys level of keeping them open during the shot must take a lot of training, or pro plus.
  7. Copper on steel galvanic corrosion.

    Shouldn’t be a problem if you keep your barrel clean and moisture free. I’m sure the cleaning companies will be certain to make a magic potion before long, specifically for those using mono bullets. Your gun will self destruct if you don’t use it y’know? 😂
  8. Alarms, cctv, security etc

    Yeah, but I’m not worried about the firearms I made no mention of them 😂
  9. Alarms, cctv, security etc

    Many thanks for all the suggestions guys, it looks as though some smart cameras, alarm and Pir flood lights will be on order soon.
  10. Alarms, cctv, security etc

    Thank you, I didn’t think of that 👍🏻
  11. Alarms, cctv, security etc

    Evening guys, In the process of moving, I’m currently packing boxes and surrounded by bubble wrap. Great fun. Thinking about the new place got me onto the thought of security. The property is rural, 125yds off the road surrounded by tall trees, barn & outbuildings etc. There is a neighbour...
  12. New member from Devon

    Welcome Jade, it’s a good site to learn. Hopefully nothing said here will put you off coming on, we need more females in field sports!
  13. Goodbye, my little princess

    Sorry to see this Carl, always so hard when they go. Times a healer, take care.
  14. Ebay struggling?

    I do sell probably more than I buy on eBay. I get quite a few offers for £1 max selling fees and use these promotions, for me it works well. I try not to use facebook at all for selling if I can help it, never know what certain people are eyeing up what you’re selling and putting 2&2 together.
  15. Best advice ever given?

    Lefty loosey, righty tighty.