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  1. Christmas Lights

  2. I've had better days...

    Sounds like a proper drama, but thank you for sharing your very amusing recap - I did laugh more than once out loud. :thumb:
  3. cold weather coming to the UK

    Bring on the pike fishing :thumb:
  4. Anyone else a Carp angler on here?

    Haha, I had been at a lake for 2 days, when a white van turned up up at closing time. Two lads turned up and proceeded to spod out a huge bucket of ground bait each. As they were getting their bivvies out the boss came round for lockdown and politely told them they were at the wrong lake :lol...
  5. Anyone else a Carp angler on here?

    Yes - over a decade dedicated to specimen hunting. Fished with some of the big names, which could have lead to bigger things but couldn’t commit. Free stuff is great but doesn’t pay the bills. Loved every minute of it till family came along - now my kit just gathers dust. Took my eldest last...
  6. Where to buy boar meat

    Not too sure. I gave a haunch to one of my mums clients and I received it in return.
  7. Where to buy boar meat

    Was given this, think it is boar. Yet to run down the Covid rations to try it. :lol:
  8. MINOX ZX5 5-25X56 RET 4 SCOPE 30MM

    Have a look on the Sportsman Black Friday deals. Sure I saw that one on special. Have an ZX5i on my 22.250 and if you get one with parallax it works well with a Pard and laser.
  9. Codes for a month of free TAILS dog food

    Fish for dogs has 15% off everything at the moment. Even more if you sign up to the club. Annoyingly bought 25kgs last week:rolleyes:
  10. Mauser m12

    DPT with extra stainless baffle.
  11. Mauser m12

    Yep got one in 30.06. Does exactly what it’s supposed to :thumb:
  12. Firearms Security

    Slightly off topic, but can anyone recommend a dog/pet friendly indoor PIR sensor that can be hard wired into a home burglar alarm to replace a standard one please. Couple on Amazon, but the reviews are rubbish.
  13. Favourite deer

    Roe to watch, muntjac to carry and fallow to stalk and eat. All got a special something about them that it makes it worth getting out of bed at silly oclock in all weathers to go look for them.
  14. Meopta Optics

    Had the 6x24 ZD and it was an ace scope. Only sold it due to an old neck injury as I found it rather heavy to cart around all day. Also found it a tad overkill for the woods. Replaced it with a Meopta 3x12x56 R1 which fits the bill nicely. Great scopes, doubt you will be disappointed.
  15. Vacuum packer

    You can get 30x40cm vac pac bags which you can just about get a fallow doe haunch in on the bone.