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  1. Spider Identification please

    What about this - couple buzzing around the high seat Saturday. About 4mm long.
  2. Wanted: Pulsar Accolade

    Superb bit of kit. Easier on the eyes using both with the quality of detail very impressive.
  3. Newbie stalker 'disposal' options?

    Could someone post a link to one of these temperature loggers please. I have two thermometers but nothing that logs the temp. Couldnt seem to find them on ebay.
  4. Mauser m12 sling stud

    Or buy a Blaser sling - they have the smaller lugs on the quick release mounts. Take its an extreme? Annoyingly the Impact has the 3.6mm studs.
  5. Protesters Blocking M25

    Excuse the pun, but pulling this stunt has no doubt alienated another truck load of people against their cause. Following the stunt last week outside Buckingham Palace, sooner or later the press will realise the public resentment and either withdraw their platform or even feed it to allow them...
  6. Shedding some weight

    Hi Dunwater, under no particular pressure and understand what your saying, but just looking to fufill the needs of the landowners who kindly give me permission with the best tools available within the relative seasons. Im sure the OP is effective with a 3x9 and I don’t mean to be...
  7. Shedding some weight

    Hmm - we are talking about saving weight and having had 8x45s Zeiss RFs - they are anything but light, let alone 56s. Personally I found them a tad above average. My SLC’s cream them for light gathering. Honestly tho who actually has 56’s… Sorry but I would disagree - high mag decent scope...
  8. Shedding some weight

    Agree with the first paragraph fella, but I’m afraid not with the second. Mag makes all the difference to me when in the open at first light as x8 binos become irrelevant if it’s safe. Not so much for the shot, but to make sure I’m on the right sex.
  9. The quality of qualification

    Any idea of her name so I can cross it off my list 😆
  10. Shedding some weight

    Nice set ups for woodland. 👍 But… sorry to go against the grain here but can count on more than two hands when I have been out at the edge of light with my 3x12x56 and had to pass up as I was unsure of a group of knobler or fallow doe as I didn’t have enough mag. Blink and they are gone...
  11. Mauser M12 bolt jammed- 300 win mag

    Good to know. Got two M12s and never had an issue. :thumb:
  12. Kahles illuminated scope battery draining between uses

    Lol - just checked my rifle for tomorrows outing - guess what no IR - must have left it on last weekend. :rolleyes::lol: Sure its not user error PM :-|;):lol:
  13. Mauser M12 bolt jammed- 300 win mag

    Any idea what cased the case to stick in the chamber?
  14. Sell up or Store?

    Keep your favourite do everything deer rifle and scope. Sell anything that you don’t need/ haven’t used in years Sell the reloading bits and buy a few factory. Know a few guys have done this to de clutter and raise a few funds, but still enjoy getting out every now and then. Hope it works out.
  15. Night Fishing for the 1st time in along very long time

    Carp fishing - the art of doing something, but doing nothing…Nice once - miss my nights under the stars. Lol got my bivvies out for the first time in years to check for perishing - that was a mission in itself :lol: As my boys get older, hope that one day they will want to go.