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  • Hi Ben I would have thought one of your mod buddies would be able to set you up with the hammock job.
    Hi where did you get the peroxide and at what cost,I have been getting mine from Belgium
    50% but my supplier is no longer keen to bring it in to the country, especially at this sort of strength as it is one of the components in bomb making, the stuff you get from the likes of Boots is pretty useless.
    One tip I no longer use cotton wool when using the strong stuff just use a tupperware
    container that will hold a roe skull in the upright position and imerse it in the peroxide
    save it after use find you can do about a dozen heads with the same stuff, no waste like when using cotton wool
    Good morning Ben. Good to meet you last week and thanks for the evening. I hear you got one on the Friday, well done. My Friday got a bit exprnsive, I lost the trigger/magazine out of my R8, ****! I'm hoping it wont be as costly as the day you lost some of your kit. I also noticed you recently passed your DSC2, excellent, I've yet to get started. Have fun. Dave G
    hi sorry ive not been in touch had broadband turned off by provider by accident decided to leave it for now thanks anyway john h
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