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  • Merry Christmas Trevor.

    Arra best

    Hope to see you in the New Year and I will let you know how my trip to Germany went. I have received an e mail form a chap in Dedmark who knows you via the SD his name is Hans-Jergan
    If you call our deer officer, Lewis thornly at head office, he can help
    Call the switchboard on 01244 57300

    Hi gadget!

    yes, i can offer all inklusive packadges for you and friend, but we must have 5-7 hunters for this driven hunt.
    For only two hunters - its difficult to make the driven hunt

    Please contakt me via e-mail:

    best hunting
    Hi Trevor,
    How are you just thought I would have a look at your gallery. You have been a busy boy.
    Hi Trevor,
    Very interested in contacts for chase as i would like to get out stalking asap. Chase stalk contacts would be appreciated first. Scotland trips are for the later part of year due to business commitments. I am very grateful for your information and help Trevor. What is the full price of the scotland trip with digs etc, or is that inc. Thanks Trev, Eddie.
    have you been out lately no foxes around here going to try again on the weekend do we take our rimmies to scotland cant bloody wait is there still 3 of us going atb paulie
    Hi, sorry for the delay, I've been rather busy lately. Yes all the deer i shoot now a days are wild stock, mainly forest deer.
    sory mate stalking tommrow till wed,day so not going to get over there, I going to see if i can find some bucks will let you know how i get on.

    Keep me posted on your intended trip dates trev and I will endeavor to try to slot in
    Looking at the board mate youve been busy lately,did you manage to get that ticket opened up in the end?
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