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  • Hello Garry
    Can you please ask Michelle which forum is best for working Cockers. Many thanks. Dave
    Hi Dave
    Thanks for that :thumb:. Going away for a few days tomoz. staying in the caravan near to my stalking ground in Hereford so will most probs have a couple of mornings/evenings. I'll give you a report when I get home. Sorted our highland trip out now, your booked in for five days:hind:. Theres now between 10 - 12 of us in the party. Should have some good craic and hopefully plenty of beasties. :D
    Good morning Gary. Noticed you have a few recent posts on here. I've got NV (Archer) if you want to have a play one night. At the moment it's set up on my 243, but it's better on my 223 because you have to hold the rifle away from the shoulder because of the added length when the NV is attached to the back of the scope. Will be getting the neccessary 223 bits in the next week or so. Had venison for supper last night, very good! Dave G
    Hello Boosh
    Before you book anything with Dancoventry( munties ) have a read of the threads on here about him it doesn't look all that clever.
    Any how what was the weekend like?
    hi iv,e got a black truckman canopy of my old l200, if your can get it collected your welcome to it. you can let me know what you think it,s worth to you. ps the bad news is i,m in n.ireland but you may be able to get a courier. the scudd
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