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  1. The old .375h&h Question (Sorry Boys)

    Hi Everybody Just an update, I am pleased to announce I have an open ticket AOLQ on the .375. A big thank you to Orion and everybody else who persuaded me to push on and not take no for an answer. David
  2. The old .375h&h Question (Sorry Boys)

    Thanks Orion I was going to give up but with the letters and guidance you sent me I am going to make a fight of it. Make a note I owe you a drink and I pay my dues. Richard can this be, the man who carries Elk miles across Texas put off by a few small red deer? When I have shot one of course I...
  3. The old .375h&h Question (Sorry Boys)

    Hi Richard I had almost forgotten. my favorite bit of that evening was the reds in that wood. When we where so close we could smell them and we still couldn't see them. I will be dropping back to show you what a real 30.06 looks like! :stir: Look after yourself. David
  4. The old .375h&h Question (Sorry Boys)

    Hi Folks Thank you for all your help, I bought the rifle for an African trip and applied for a variation based on that trip. Condition says The .375 rifle and non-expanding ammunition shall be carried when proceeding to or returning from a port of embarkation and may be zeroed with...
  5. The old .375h&h Question (Sorry Boys)

    Hi I have a .375 on the usual condition that I am allowed to polish it on days that don't end in a Y. I have permission on ground that is cleared for the calibre but I am still being refused expanding ammunition on the grounds that I don't have a need. This is because I already own a 30.06...
  6. Sauer 202

    Hi try an Sl 5 (no I don't work for them) you need to paint it black but it is like it was made for the 202. You can even use your open sights.
  7. Sauer 202 ?

    Hi Been shooting Sauer for a about 3 years, mainly 25.06, really like the ability to take it apart good for cleaning and transport. I can change calibre 25.06 to 30.06 in about 5 mins. Find it accurate and I like the way it is put together. I am very used to the safety now and I like the raising...
  8. Little 10 Point

    Little 10 Point

    25.06's rock !
  9. 30-06

    Hi Richard Nothing wrong with the calibre of that rifle of yours, that was the one thing I liked. :stir: Have just ordered a barrel in 30.06 for the Sauer.
  10. question for all 7mm users.

    Hi I shoot a 120 light special in the 7mm mag, Soft nose gameking shoots fine, low recoil, to be honest I don't shoot the big 7 much any more. I have a bigger 160 load for big stuff ( fired about 3 lol).
  11. People are prone to exaggeration!

    Just wait till my 7mm rem mag goes off, then we will have disturbed his pheasants. Till then leave my deer alone lol, see you Sun
  12. First buck of the season.

    First buck of the season.

    Out with Castle Deer on the 2nd April, got this clean buck. Nice to be back on all cylinders after my meeting with the grim reaper.
  13. Plug Screws for Removed Iron Sight - Sauer 202 Forest

    I have a sauer with the sights removed as I use a moderator seems fine, I did drop a set on my 7mm rem mag I am almost sure it is M3
  14. Available: Stalking in Devon

    Hi Richard You save me some red I will be down in Feb, a day without rain this time. G.R.
  15. April fools day.

    I am out you just have to do it:lol:
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