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  • Had to do a bit of Kors shopping so I am allowed to go shooting stags , bucks and cast a line. It's about time you did a bit of real work anyway :D
    I just guess it like you do. :D :shock:. That small calibre is putting the rest to shame min. :stag::hind:
    Is it true that if you have to regularly shoot beasts at ranges of over 200 yards your abilities as a stalkers are questionable :shock:
    Not at all and whoever told you that is obviously delusional. It is the superior calibre that all others aspire to be, including the lumbering .270 :cuckoo:
    I'll be there shortly Bud, it's no surprise you need to be pulled out and towed home, :shock: you have a Hilux :doh:. The 'Bushi Animal will be all over it. :thumb:
    The Hotel at Halkirk never got back to me cept to say they'ld get back to me, so I was half hoping that I might borrow a camper for the wild week. However it seems my pal has it booked for a Dogging session then. (At North Kessock layby if you're interested)
    He's getting a bit :old: for that carry on so I'll keep working on it.
    You were banging that hard last night that my Coccyx are sore :shock: - - Good to know that you guys are enjoying these sessions so much. A nice boy like me is beginning to be a tad concerned re the sleeping arrangements for Stag Week - - still, as long as it's only the Stags rutting !
    Oh Glen, last night proved once and for all that you really do have some massive bits! :norty:
    "I've never missed from that distance before".

    It's OK Mate, we've all missed the "Easy" ones. Just not repeatedly....
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