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  1. Wanted: Running boar scope with twin post reticle

    Looking for running boar/running target riflescope with the twin post reticule. Ideally something like Nickel Supra 4-16x56, but would consider other scopes, even x4 10m running target air rifle scope.
  2. Documentary: Swine fever: Wild Boar alarm in the north

    Exactly right. No one wonders how the ASF got to Belgium missing other cointried along the way. To be honest, it would not be a bad thing the ASF gets to Germany. Maybe they can force the EU to get their **** together as their policies dont help and only make things worse for us that have to...
  3. Shooting calves

    Dont know about sika but a red calf will never do well if orphaned. Unlike wild boar the group will not accept/take care of it. It will be pushed away. If you shoot a hind the calf will stick around. Last year a guy shot a hind and left the calf behind. When we found out about it, we wanted to...
  4. Three Strikes with the Drone….

    Well done Tim even pictures look good unlike most foxing photos.
  5. Wanted: ATN Shot Trak camera

    Looking for an ATN gun mounted cam anyone wants to sell one
  6. Apologies for absence

    Get well soon John. :thumb:
  7. Fox and roebuck

    Regarding safety, rules are you can stalk with a chambered round, only have to unload when crossing obstacles or climbing high seats, etc. For woodland stalking you probably would not want to wait with loading your rifle with a deer 20m away from you. I am sure it makes sense on Scottish hills...
  8. Fox and roebuck

    Sent it to Sweden, good service and quick turn around.
  9. Fox and roebuck

    Thanks :thumb:
  10. Fox and roebuck

    End of roebuck season and a very windy day. I went woodland stalking and bumped on an unlucky fox. It was so windy he did not hear me coming and I managed to get it on film. I saw a few roe but no luck, eventually I spotted a doe and what looked like an old buck. Again, because of the wind they...
  11. Sold: Leica rangefinder

    Looking for a Leica rangefinder ideally one of the rangemaster CRF series measuring in meters.
  12. Scent shoes

    Askari hunting
  13. SA visitor.........

    Well done on the foxes and taking people out
  14. Plan the Shoot/Shoot the plan….

    Well done :thumb:
  15. Blaser click!

    Click like that? I experimented with my r93 and r8 a bit and observer the same thing as you did. Has to bump shoulder otherwise the bolt will not fully close and the rifle will not fire. You can slam the bolt and it may close and fire ok, but you will fail to do it at some point when out...