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  1. Clay pigeon traps.....

    Look at Promatic and Laporte traps. You won’t get a new one for that money, and you’ll probably even struggle to get a used one, but they are the market leaders. Better to spend a few more quid.
  2. For Sale: Buck Ranger knife.

    Thanks. I am not a knife expert, but I knew there would be on this forum. Appreciate your help.
  3. For Sale: Buck Ranger knife.

    Buck Ranger knife. I see there is a number 112 on the knife and the sheath. That will mean something to some of you. Good general knife. I reckon £55 posted, but £50 if you pick it up. I have other photos. I see this one is upside down and I don’t have the skills to rotate it.
  4. For Sale: Classic Puma stalking knife.

    Nice old Puma. Reasonable condition, but it has gralloched a few beasts in its day. I’m unlikely to use it again so someone can maybe give it a new lease of life. I think £110 posted would be fine, but pick it up and it’s yours for £100. I have a lot more photos.
  5. Gutless Ranger.

    Lads, as ever, what a great forum this is. All of this is beyond me, but I’ll speak to the man that does my servicing - or, do any of you live in Scotland? I’m near Perth.
  6. Gutless Ranger.

    No, not a Commission employee!! My Ford Ranger has become a gutless machine. Starts first time. Idles perfectly. I can rev it furiously in the driveway. Come to a wee slope - useless. Long hills are a nightmare. Some of you will know what the matter is. I must say it’s probably 12 years old and...
  7. Wanted: Browning Shotgun Case

    Guys, found the very thing I was looking for. Thanks.
  8. Wanted: Browning Shotgun Case

    Thanks, but not this one. I know I am looking a gift horse in the mouth!!!! Thankyou for replying.
  9. Wanted: Browning Shotgun Case

    McKenzie, has it got “Browning” on it? Is it plastic? Picky?? Me?? I appreciate the reply. Iain
  10. Wanted: Browning Shotgun Case

    I’m looking for a Browning shotgun case. A solid one. Anybody got one for sale? Thankyou.
  11. Gin traps

    Good stuff. I hope he remembers them for a long time. What will happen now? A small fine paid by a big man somewhere and he’ll be out in no time?
  12. Gin traps

    It’s difficult to see, but I do hope that poacher’s fingers are in the jaws!
  13. Jelen advanced deer management

    I’ve done both the Jelen and the BDS course. They both have plenty to offer. I must say I did like the pre - attendance essays with Jelen. I thought they set a good tone. I’ve also done a 15 week “Sustainable Deer Management” course with the University of the Highlands and Islands this year. I...
  14. Pitting in used guns

    All of which goes to prove, I think, that rifle barrels are a black art. Listening to some of the competitive shooters, they know that. People wait in line for the top guys to sell off a barrel that has a proven history of success. Yes, the shooters are good. But they are all good. That...
  15. 9.3x62 in Scotland?

    I think I know a man who has one (9.3 x 62) for sale. If you like i’ll put you in touch.
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