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  1. The Conservation Imperative (Africa)

    Hallelujah brothers!
  2. Enthusiastic youngster willing to learn needed.

    Hi all, I just wanted to thank you all for your input! I have had several kind offers of help (you know who you are!) James and uptonogood which I appreciate more than I can say especially after some spiteful and hurtful initial posts from a now ex member of the site. I am still looking for...
  3. Is door knocking still OK?

    You have to consider how you would react if someone came a knocking on your door, Plus how you would feel if someone asked one of your landowners for stalking you had acquired. No quick fixes here just plain hard work and networking. I carried a lot of bales before I was offered any stalking and...
  4. Zeroing Issue

    If you rifle likes you then happy days! If not you will get very inconsistent results and need to try something else mate
  5. Enthusiastic youngster willing to learn needed.

    Thanks arron
  6. Enthusiastic youngster willing to learn needed.

    Still no takers but I live in hope! Have had offers of help from experienced stalkers and keepers etc but I am searching for a lad or pass that has a love of the countryside to whom I can pass on the baton. It's a big ask I know but I remember how hard it was to get into when I was a lad
  7. What really gets your goat?

    The woke phrase 'going forward '!
  8. Word association game for the bored.

  9. Word association game for the bored.

  10. French at it again 😡

    Go you ahead monsewer!
  11. Custom shotgun stock makers somewhere near north yorkshire

    Jim wills of bath Stock maker supreme and not stupid money
  12. Choosing a 308

    Speak to ed at Edinburgh rifles he's honest and knowledgeable and customer service is excellent. He will find you something good
  13. Deer feeders

    Yes please mate
  14. Deer feeders

    What do you need for roe,wheat?
  15. Deer feeders

    Hi all getting pressured on a couple of farms I lease to shoot more fallow as they are battering the pheasant hoppers daily or rather nightly! Does anyone have plans for or pictures of deer feeders I could use to keep them in one area so I can sort the burgers out? Not to shoot at the feeders...
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