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  1. Dame judy dench

    Anyone seen the vitreolic crap by this so called celebrity condeming trophy huntingin todays express? she was in the bond films gloryfying the killing of human beings while claiming a big fat salary. Jeez these people make me sick!
  2. Hello There!

    Lots of good help on here Welcome
  3. Best C/F mod..

    Dpt every time mate
  4. Question

    Which has been on my all legal species cert for over 30 years
  5. Question

    The conditions on my cert state the 270 rifle and sound moderator shall be etc and it lists all my rifles the same you can use the same mod but it must be granted for each cal
  6. Horses

    An asshole underneath and another one on top:-)
  7. Automated chicken processing - and people say hunting is "inhumane"

    That video should be part of the school curriculum along with a video of pheasant shooting and deer stalking and african hunting so students can see the difference for themselves rather than being fed bullshot by teachers and the media
  8. Cheap pocket knife anyone?

    Who are we to decide how much someone can spend on their kit live and let live i say Vive la difference!
  9. Question

    You need a slot for a mod on each calibre you hold, ie you can have one mod that fits all your rifles but you must have a slot for a moderator for each calibre
  10. RSPCA helps roe bucks.

    They can and do die from it weeks later
  11. RSPCA helps roe bucks.

    Its physical human contact that stresses them A bit like a human being captured by a lion a terrifiing and life threatening event when the animal is in fear for its life putting a bag on its head just makes it worse for roe. Have taken veganary advice from a wildlife vet who says that all the...
  12. Hi

    I have a nieghbouring farmer who won the lottery when asked what he would do with the money he replied i am going to keep farming until its gone :)
  13. Killing Willow stumps?

    Eco plugs mate i have used them and they work!
  14. Introduction

    Some of the very best rifle and shotgun marksmen are lefties including my g great grandad who was at the somme
  15. Wanted: Wood pigeon shooting North Devon.

    British shooting services has goog pigeon shooting nr clovelly