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  1. Notification police within 7 days

    I'm sure at one renewal chat with the FEO I got minor grief for 'not telling them' about a transfer, that was genuinely a letter that never made it to the cops situation. I just use email notifications now, which provides me with proof of sending and generally gets an automatic reply back from...
  2. Packham at it again?

    Has he never heard of CCTV? He seems to like cameras, you'd think he'd have considered it, being so fearful.................. hh
  3. Youths .410

    My kids couldn’t manage the weight of a 28 or 20 br so that was out, albeit they would have been better pattern/range wise. It’s a compromise, once he is hooked then move on to a light 28. Best of luck! hh
  4. Youths .410

    My daughters used a Yldiz single barrel 410, about 3.5 lbs in weight. Great wee gun with no recoil if using light shot loads. They are about £200 new now. The only thing that you have to consider is the fact that you need to pick targets they can realistically hit, or their confidence goes. hh
  5. Swazi reviews?

    Maybe 2 to 3 years, max. I think tax and DHL rip off fees added at least 10 percent. Just bought 3 Swazi fleeces a month or so back. Got stung for import duties again, but still cheaper than UK. Add 20 percent to NZ cost and it will be less than that. hh
  6. Swazi reviews?

    I use a Swazi Kagoul when it is really shitty weather. Works well for me, albeit a bit light coloured on hill where I stalk. Purchased it directly from Swazi when they had 20% sale on, price still stung, but not as much as UK cost. hh
  7. Bisley at Braidwood - does anyone know what camera target system they use?

    This appears to be what they use; Well it said 'Kongsberg PC Target' on top left corner of laptop screen I was using, and it all looks pretty similar to Braidwood set up on the Kongsberg website. Cheers, hh
  8. Bisley at Braidwood - does anyone know what camera target system they use?

    I'm planning a trip there very soon, so I'll ask someone more switched on and get back to you. I like the fact is under cover and no wind to effect your shots. I've never considered it drifting off right enough! hh
  9. Mcmillan stocks?

    I found a SH McMillan stock for my LH Tikka 590. Gave it a try and then went back to wooden original. It was a bit heavy and not a great fit for me. For the money I’d try to at least see one before you part with your cash. I think stocks are a very personal choice. hh
  10. What is it with the weather forecasts this year?

    Just noticed that myself, how crap the BBC forecast is especially. I put off doing stuff until today, expecting a dry day, and now its ****ing down here. Might try looking at local Met one, for a change. hh
  11. Who’s doing the best deal on Pard 008

    I've bought Pard kit from Blackwoods and CRS. Both gave good advice, good service and, at that particular time, good prices. I'd use either/both again. hh
  12. Pard019

    Sorry, can't comment on boblov type. hh
  13. Pard019

    Mine came with a wee (separate) dovetail bracket, maybe a couple of inches long, that screws into the tripod hole on the underside of unit. Like a scope mount base. It was just there in the box. I suspect it might be something Ash added, but I didn’t ask for it. hh
  14. Pard019

    Just bought one and was worried about the focusing aspect pre-purchase. I wear varifocal glasses all the time and I eventually got my unit from Ash at Custom Rifle Scopes (other equally good suppliers are available, and I spoke to some of them for advice as well). The unit came with a spare...
  15. Wanted: tikka m595 steel mag wanted

    Tikka 595/590 take the same mags (mags vary by cartridge to some extent - so 243 different to 222, for example). 3 shot are plastic and 5 shot metal/plastic. Sorry I can’t assist in finding another one either. hh Bob beat me to it!!