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  1. Sauer 404 - Gunsmith adapter

    Thank you - that would be really helpful, I will PM you.
  2. Sauer 404 - Gunsmith adapter

    Thanks Shootgun. Did you do it yourself? And did you have to mount it behind the Sauer Tool space?
  3. Sauer 404 - Gunsmith adapter

    I have recently purchased a Sauer 404 synthetic stock and coming up against the Bipod issue I see that many have already. I have a Harris and an Atlas already which I dont see I will be able to mount. Has anyone had any luck putting the Spartan Gunsmith or similar adapter into these stocks? I...
  4. Wall Coating - Game Larder

    Thanks all - I have priced up the Parlour board and unfortunately due the odd measurements of my larder it comes out as quite expensive (£200 + connectors..). I have ordered some Pool Paint and will let you know how I get on.
  5. Wall Coating - Game Larder

    Hi All, Does anyone have any recommendations for a hard setting (wipe down) and good value white wall paint for a game larder? I had previously bought Resincoat Anticbactieral Epoxy paint which was good but the price has skyrocketed - I imagine because of the demand from Covid. Thanks, Harry
  6. Full Variation or 1 for 1?

    Hi All, Quick question.. I need to vary my FAC to allow me to dispose of a Bolt Action .22 LR and replace it with a Pump Action of the same caliber. Is this a 1 for 1 or full variation? I am in Thames Valley. Many thanks, Harry
  7. Cleaning Game Larder Checker Plate Flooring?

    Just looks like a white bathroom style sealant to me.
  8. Cleaning Game Larder Checker Plate Flooring?

    Thanks GWP, Will give that a go.
  9. Cleaning Game Larder Checker Plate Flooring?

    Hi All, I have a Game Larder which is basically the back of a 7.5 tonne lorry with a Checker Plate (assumed) aluminium floor. I have given the floor a good power was but cant seem to get it very clean, there are a lot of marks on it and its quite dull etc.. Before I spend an entire day on my...
  10. Wanted S&B 8x56

    Hi All, Looking for an S&B 8x56 Scope with a 30mm tube if anyone is looking to get rid of one. Thanks in advance, Harry
  11. Stainless Steel zip wire

    Thanks - that is good value and far better than I had found elsewhere.
  12. Stainless Steel zip wire

    This is my concern, although you can get 7/8mm thick marine stuff that may do the trick..
  13. Stainless Steel zip wire

    Wondering if anyone has used a stainless zip wire in place of a rail system in a chiller/ game larder. Only useful for a straight larder obviously. I have been pricing up rail systems and they seem very expensive compared to a stainless zip wire set up. I know this will be more “slidy” than a...
  14. Game Larder - old Luton body box

    Hi All, Looking to see if anyone has converted an old Luton van box into a game larder. I have been offered one measuring 4.3m (L) x 2. 14m (w) x 2.24m (H) for £500 and thought it would make a good room to chuck my chiller, stainless table etc.. into. I'm slightly concerend there wont be...
  15. Introduction

    Hi All, I'm a relatively young stalker from Oxfordshire, been shooting air rifles/ shotguns all my life. Got into stalking about two years ago, shooting mainly Fallow, some Roe and Munjac, went to Scotland last year for the first time to stalk hinds -safe to say i'm hooked. .243 - Tikka T3...