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  1. Smart Magpies

    If you Google ladder trap plans it will get you there. Just make it shorter 6 x 6 is big enough and use 100 mm between rungs for magpies
  2. Smart Magpies

    Have you tried a ladder trap, I have a big problem with magpies on a local golf club pecking holes on all the greens so made a ladder trap, i placed trap in a good location and baited up for 2 days with the door open, then on day 3 closed the door, I got to the club early next morning shot 3...
  3. Can i legally shoot potbelly pigs

    Carl do you know if "I" was the owner of the pigs being reared on another persons land, could I cull the pigs
  4. Can i legally shoot potbelly pigs

    I have been asked the question from a friend who has a small holding. He has 2 very unruly potbelly pigs. 1st can I legally shoot them and 2nd are they any good for eating, also would I have to get them tested. Any guidance would be most welcome
  5. Available: Fully Guided Fallow and Roe Stalking on and around the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors

    cant wait for Saturday it,s my trip out. looking forward to meeting you ian ;)
  6. A bit of balance . . .

    Cheers mate love you too:love:
  7. A bit of balance . . .

    You still on Grinder ;)
  8. A bit of balance . . .

    I quite agree . I saw an ad offering a few spots in a small syndicate but quite local to me in yorkshire (only been looking for 6/7 years) I applied for a slot and got a message back "if this is the same person who took time out from there stalking to show me round the grounds as a new member...
  9. Wanted: After a Vitara or Jimny

    you can pick them up from about £9500
  10. Wanted: After a Vitara or Jimny

    If you can run to it have a look at the new shape vitara 1.6 diesel all-grip (4x4) They stopped making the diesel version in 2017 but its by far the best. My wife has one and it works off road as well as on (cant let the wife know i have used it off road ) She uses it round town and gets 50mpg+...
  11. Introduction

    Welcome from a fellow yorkie. I shoot most of my deer including reds with a 243, its not what you use its how you use it ;)
  12. Fly fishing, complete novice looking for advice.

    I have fished for over 40 years but only fly fished for about 7/8, it took a bit of getting used to as its nothing like other forms of fishing except playing a fish. Looking at what has been said my many i would certainly agree, dont spend a fortune. use weight forward floating line. and get...
  13. Sold: Unaccompanied Stalking Stags and Bucks

    Hi Tulloch I think it would be wrong to remove your thread just because some folk dont seem to realise that it is a great offer. I have paid plenty of money over the years on stalking but have never had the chance to take a good stag let alone the possibility of 2 or 3. Stick with it mate as you...
  14. Interesting shot reaction

    Roe buck I took 5/4 years ago, facing to the right feeding head down 75 yrds 100gr 243 shot it, its head came up and had a quick look about turned to the left, head back down to feed , just about to put second shot in it, dropped down stone dead. it never reacted to the shot just looked a bit...