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  • Hello Paul. I m having trouble with the bt program just wondering when the best time to speak to you for more help (again) atb Steve
    Please give me a call on 07702 897225, or PM JAYB. I have no issue with your request as such, and it might be a good idea to gather up some members and make a day of it.

    Malcolm (Sikamalc)
    Hi Eddy

    As the owner of the range I can confirm that the range has been open for some time in a temporary state. I believe you know Rupert from this site, he has been out a few times as have many others. I spoke with Chris Robinson the other night and gave him a few details. We will be having an open weekend in mid may. Alastair from Gloucestershire Gun Company will be contacting admin shortly regarding an advert on the site, unfortunately the site is not my cup of tea, nothing whatsoever against those whose bag it is, I think its great if you like it and realise the benefits it can give. Personally I would like to see more people getting more rifle time, thats why I've done what I have with the range. But thats just me! Rupert has already contacted me regarding a group deal and I am more than happy to accommodate. I apologise for my vagueness in my previous message and look forward to meeting you at some time in the future.

    Kind regards

    Paul Hill.
    Apparently the range is up for limited use already, any further news?
    Eddy McC
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