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  1. Trouble at BASC

    Yes your right if it is False. It was from a whistle blower, they got it legally. In the fake court papers they deny my claim of Contempt of Court Act, sec 10. I have also got he human rights act on my side but the BASC lawyers rejected that to. I don't know enough about the law to fight it...
  2. No lead ban!

    Ref Lead Ban: When I was on the DI, John Swift was one of the trustees. The Forestry Commission where looking at using copper bullet for all deer culling on their land. I believe that the plan was to get the FC to use non-lead bullets and then use that through the LAG to bring in a total lead...
  3. No lead ban!

    Muir, I came over to Montana had an interview fro a job in Montana long guns, are they still going? They where down near Flathead lake.
  4. No lead ban!

    if you want to read thin science read the LAG report now on their web site. The lead issue is like global warming all made up scientific ********.
  5. No lead ban!

    No lead ban! Four key paragraphs in the Liz Truss letter to John Swift: Following receipt of your report, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) sought independent scientific advice from the Committee on Toxicity about the human health risk assessment within it. This advice, which has been in place...
  6. Trouble at BASC

    Update: After posting the information I was given on here and on my facebook page I have been fighting BASC lawyers. I was bullied into taking down the posts. I did because they disputed the finding of the report. This has been a month long battle to try and protect my informant. I fell I have...
  7. UK Game Fair - CANCELLED

    money back you should be able to get your money back for tickets bought. Its up to you if you use the tickets for the Game Fair or have the money, surely? You have the sale of good act and I would hope most of you bought them on a Visa card where they can help get money back. When the CLA...
  8. Total Wild Boar numbers

    Has anyone any idea of the number of wild boar we have in the UK? One of my customers told me they had shot 500 last year on one farm in Gloucestershire. I remember seeing a Forestry Commission projection of the numbers, if there where 25 breading pairs of wild boar, with the cull rate as it...
  9. ianthegun

    I've been asked to tell you about me. I'm 59, been in the gun trade for 45 years, I had 6 years out working for defra in Bristol but was then writing for Gun Mark and Shooting News. Moved on the countryman's weekly. I've write a book, the art of Decoying pigeons and corvids, I'm told it was...
  10. Trouble at BASC

    sorry have not got around to it yet. I thought this was important information that BASC members needed to see. I have been past a report by the BASC Action Group regarding the suspensions of staff and resignations from the council. Its looks a bloody mess.
  11. Trouble at BASC

    Trouble at Mill report by ianthegun {article delete}
Our passion is your passion... stalk with us!