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  • hi hubert .. i stalk on luggala now ... tom is stil there . fit out at 61 .. john fenton has all the stags and 200 hinds ,i give him a hand with clients .
    that is no problem get him to pm me .. how are you keeping ,i hope well .the very best john
    A chap on this site was asking about paid day hunting in Wicklow and I rang Bill O`Toole at Dun Laoghaire to see if Tom Clinton was still at Luggala. He has not found anything out and of course Joe Nowlan is finished also.
    ScottC is the name of the bloke and I think he is of Irish birth and would like to come over for a shot at a Sika or Hybrid and visit his relatives.
    If you have any info. let me know or even contact him directly referring to me so he knows what is on.
    The Roebuck which Geoff O`Toole shot here in late April has made a Bronze medal at the Midland Game Fair today. The late John Place also shot a medal buck with me over here many years ago.

    Regards, Hubert H.
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