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  1. Sold: JP "tank" muzzle brake - Recoil Eliminator .308

    is this still for sale?
  2. For Sale: 6.5 Creedmore Hornady brass once fired

    I will 100% have these come payday if you haven't sold them by then (30/08). Would have them now but bit skint at the minute.
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    I have been looking into DDM does look worthwhile definitely something i'd want to do, thanks
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    Thanks for the invite, might be up at 45 at the beginning of next year
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    Hi, My name's Jack crawford i'm a royal marine from plymouth. I've been shooting since i was old enough to hold a rifle, currently own a rifle and pistol in france and get to do plenty of shooting over there and got to do a bit of long range shooting in wales on a friends land. But i've...