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  • yes mate hope to c u there . meant to be going out with davie for the second of ma dsc2 stalks in a fortnight so looking forward to that .was on the pish last night so a bit of a lazy day today Dean
    how u doing brian .have u been out to see whats going about . How is the pup doing is she getting any bigger cheers Dean
    Hi Brian,
    This guy is looking to hear from you!

    I'm looking for some Sika stalking how can I get in touch with Jamross65 I'm new to this forum lark so please excuse me my email address is jaseal@hotmail.com if yourself or anyone else can help me. I work overseas so not much time at home, and I'm hoping to get a couple of stalks in at the end of August begining of September.

    Regards Derek.
    Hi Brian,
    I'm not on here much! you? So... give me a call if u get this :) Any news on those binos?

    Cheers Den
    Hi Brian,

    Whats fresh with you?
    I have had some terminal phone trouble! :( Need your number again! And I will be getting a new number but dont have it yet!
    Well I also wanted to ask u if u ever got those binos away for service?
    Keep in touch Dennis
    what you been up to this weekend brian , been bloody wild up here , rain ,rain and more rain , and a wee bit wind , having a large talisker on ice , when you coming north to sample some , long over dew , out on saterday morning seen about 12 stags couple had bloody big heads , you been out your self , willie .
    Hi Brian,

    Have you put those bino's in yet???... If not you could maybe take them when you go for bullet heads!?

    Cheers Den
    A bit wigglie???? I felt like being sick and I NEVER get car sick!!! Seemed to be a bit shorter but I was booting it. The binos are still her, I will drop them into the shop over next week. Keep forgetting. About to head out with rifle and shoot some paper.

    You need to get on this site more and sort out some of the ballistic/calibre/reloading crap that is spouted off! There was a debate the other day about what a starting load should be for a .243AI. The suggestion was that the load should start at the minimum one for a standard .243 and to not expect any increase in velocity!!! I felt like responding by saying, 'what the hell would be the point in fire-forming cases to AI if there was no gain other than less case stretch, which needs trimming?' You need to get more involved before I burst a gasket.

    Hope you got home ok!

    Was the journey any shorter? A bit wigglie!!!

    Have you sent my binos off for refurb yet? Please do so if you havn't!
    .308 Redding Comp 3 Die set

    These dies have just been listed for sale £100 good buy

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