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  1. For Sale: Zeiss V8 1.8-14x50

  2. Brock & Norris/Raytrade Custom Rifle Package Charity Draw

    HI Tomothy Congratulations! I spoke to Mike earlier this morning and he will email you directly to arrange the delivery of the rifle package. I hope you enjoy using it for many years to come and look forward to seeing the results.
  3. Brock & Norris/Raytrade Custom Rifle Package Charity Draw

    The draw has just taken place with the assistance of Doddie Weir, who’s foundation, ‘My Name5 Doddie’ will receive all the funds raised. The winner of the rifle package donated by Brock & Norris Custom Rifles and Raytrade is, Timothy Riome. Unfortunately, due to a lot of personal commitments...
  4. Dog taking deer down

    The law was ‘made’ by the House Of Lords. It’s a statutory law hence the reference to ‘Act’. They WERE NOT present at your meeting. It was attended by laymen. Not one was a legal expert or qualified to advise on what you can or cannot do under this legislation and anyone who listens to you guys...
  5. For Sale: Krico Model 902 Delux in .243

    Always had a soft spot for Krico's Ed. Had one about 20 years ago. Beautiful actions....
  6. Dog taking deer down

    What's a lie? You wounding the stag? You not trying your dog? You not having a clue where you hit it because you didn't know what the stags reaction meant? You denying any part of that? The point being just like you may well have learned from that incident and are now better informed in...
  7. Dog taking deer down

    Absolutely 100% correct!!!!
  8. Dog taking deer down

    Another absolutely pathetic example of you trying to cause an issue by naming someone which serves what purpose? The guy hasn't once commented on this thread. Good luck with getting callouts from folk who can see EXACTLY what happens with the UKSHA members when they have an issue with someone...
  9. Dog taking deer down

    This video is years old and this is the first time I have seen it, in fact taken BEFORE the UKDTR or the UKSHA were formed or even considered. A lot has been learned since then. I would suggest at that time even you George didn't have a clue regarding hounds, training them and how to work them...
  10. Dog taking deer down

    Aye, whatever......short, short memory regarding training methods
  11. Dog taking deer down

    They keep referring to Sect 25 of the Deer Act as the legislation that apparently allows them (only them they claim now because they are the UKSHA and wear their pants outside their tights) to enter land in Scotland with a firearm to dispatch a wounded animal to end suffering. Incorrect. The...
  12. Dog taking deer down

    You seriously have a short memory and the hypocrisy is things change.
  13. Sako vs Tikka

    Edi Can you please start doing your stocks with an inlet for a Sako 75 action IV!!!??? :lol::lol::lol:
  14. Dog taking deer down

    I am very up front about what I say, nothing behind folks backs....if the cap fits and all that. So, UKSHA have special dispensation from legislation or risk of prosecution???? Now I'm about in stitches here...... Or is it just that, some sheep offering support????
  15. Dog taking deer down