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  • Hi Mike and Dave

    Good to meet you this morning. Let's keep in contact and we will see if we can sort a stalk out sometime.

    With kind regards

    Hi Mike, I was looking for some antlers, sika and red, piere davis, casts if you have some decent ones for mounting, im sure i can give you a good price, also old skulls with antlers, cheers rob
    hi mike mark has booked a morning 5th feb look forward to seeing u again hopefully no snow this time .
    Hi There,

    If there is anymore cull stags to be got gives a shout,I am looking for large capes and cast antler sets of quality.If you give me your number ill give you a call to see if you have anything of interest for me,I have shot a lot of wild deer in my days but dont give oppinions on anyones biz,I stuff park stags and love the size and quality,:)

    Hope you are well. I just got back from a week working in Switzerland and saw that the DSC in Jan was full. I never got the mail from you so was just wondering if I am on it. Please can you give me a shout when you can.
    The cd works fine mike it is an excellent example of what you are capable of producing.
    The only thing i said was that at the start of the identification the pass requirments were wrong , a simple correction is all that is required, i dont have acsses to program so i cant do it and i thought i would say so that you could change it before you started sending them out to the guys, sort of proof reading.

    best regaurds to you.

    Dry Powder.

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