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  1. For Sale: Trout rod

    Greys GS , 9,6 weight 7, 3 piece trout rod VGC , bag and travel tube £40 posted uk mainland
  2. Sold: Trout reel

    Flueger, alum die cast trout reel VGC 7/8 , with case no longer required £30 posted UK mainland
  3. Wanted: Working cocker

    Keep me updated Paul , cheers for posting
  4. Wanted: Working cocker

    My son is back in the market and looking for a caramel colour bitch, anything out there or bitches in pup?
  5. Sold: Taxidermy bird

    PayPal please Cheers Chris Please add your postal address
  6. For Sale: Brass

  7. Sold: Dies

  8. Sold: Dies

    PayPal Thanks , please send postage address Chris .
  9. Partridge

    For sale in classified section Other items
  10. Sold: Taxidermy bird

    Red legged partridge for sale No space for it due to decorating project £40 posted
  11. Sold: Dies

    LEE 308 dies , neck sizer full length, and Seater die, Used but on good order £16 posted Uk mainland
  12. For Sale: Brass

    100 Once fired RWS brass 308 cal Not required £ 20 posted to you Mainland uk
  13. For Sale: Quality Cocker Pups

    Hi Tont thanks for your photo , I was asking on behalf of my son regarding a pup , he is after a sandy coloured dog Are all yours chocolate?
  14. For Sale: Quality Cocker Pups Thanks
  15. For Sale: Quality Cocker Pups

    Have you any pups still Available? If so could you send me a couple of pics, regards Chris.