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  1. Haflingers

    My father had a Haflinger on Atholl Estates fifty years ago. Very capable. It could tow a land rover out a bog without sinking n same. He also had a mini moke? Would love one of those.
  2. Sako or RPA

    Pity you had not gone for a 25/06. I have a nice stainless wooden stock Sako complete with T12 mod. I will be listing soon as I now have two. Went for a lighter barrelled 25/06 and finally got it set up yesterday.
  3. Wanted: Walk in chiller.

    Lanark auction running today tomorrow has two fridge boxes. They are on page 3 Lawrie & Symington Online Catalogue
  4. Who owns the deer and stalking rites.

    We have just lost our sporting right but we voluntarily control vermin on the ground. Ground was from two landlords, one of which has sold up for housing development. Deer were expressly excluded from the lease. So sporting rights depend on contract.
  5. Sold: Kawasaki Mule 4010 diesel

    I was following this on EBay. Did it sell or is it available? Thanks
  6. Fridge advice.

    It was discussed a long time back but may be a solution to a problem. My double drinks fridge has a problem somewhere. Not looked yet but it has started tripping the earth. No shame. It has been through the wars. Was under a tarp when I got it. Has run at a constant 3 degrees every time it has...
  7. DSC1 - Scotland Central Belt Courses / Availability?

    Try West Lothian Deer Group or Alex Paul. Both run courses in West Lothian.
  8. Wanted: Sako 85, mounts and rings.needed,

    Now here thanks, well wrapped? It took me 15 minutes with my stalking knife to open package. Much appreciated. Jim
  9. Wanted: Sako 85, mounts and rings.needed,

    Hi prowler, you home soon?
  10. Wanted: Sako 85, mounts and rings.needed,

    Not a rush. Setting up a lighter Sako. Once settled I will probably sell on my heavy barrelled Sako.
  11. Wanted: Sako 85, mounts and rings.needed,

    Just acquired a Sako 85 in 25:06. Bare rifle. Need to set up for a Swarovski 8x56 in 30mm. Anyone got a set of mounts and rings to suit. Blued barrel. Blocks or rail, not fussed. Once on it stays? Thanks, Jim
  12. Available: Looking for a Syndicate?

    Another on your list
  13. Hard shift for an old man.

    No, I forgot the shelf brackets. The wood sitting on the bottom rails is the shelf. That will be sorted next time down. Flask coffee, book, mobile switched off, and hope to wake up to a herd of deer grazing peacefully between me and the road. Dream on.
  14. Hard shift for an old man.

    You mean you are like me, body trying to tell brain to act your age and brain not taking a blind bit of notice.