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  1. What is the people's choice in Night Vision?

    I’ve just bought a sightmark wraith. Had a play and it’s great! Very clear image and easy to use. Friend has a pard 008 and I’d say the image is slightly better on the wraith.
  2. Bore sighter

    I haven’t tried that before. I’ll give it a go. Cheers for that!
  3. Bore sighter

    Morning all. I need a bore sighter suitable for .22 and .22-250. Any recommendations or does anyone have something suitable I can buy?
  4. Sightmark wraith extended mount

    I’ve ordered some bits off eBay. I’ll see what I can come up with!
  5. Sightmark wraith extended mount

    They look ideal, unfortunately they won’t export.
  6. Sightmark wraith extended mount

    Im thinking something like this as I have 90mm between the awkward clamp pieces.
  7. Sightmark wraith extended mount

    This is the ruger. As you can see, the clamps protrude meaning the rail is not continuous. Not a problem with scope mounts, but the extended rail fouls on them.
  8. Sightmark wraith extended mount

    Remington 504. I think I’ve found one on eBay 140mm long. The only issue I still have is the ruger. It is the weaver mounts fitted, however they contact the mounting rail. Looks like I need to sort something to make the top of them flat, like adding a riser to them?
  9. Sightmark wraith extended mount

    I’ll take a look. Any recommendations on a cheap long rail?
  10. Wanted: .22 rimfire ammo

    Does anyone have any spare .22 rimfire ammo?? Melton Mowbray area ideally!
  11. Sightmark wraith extended mount

    Bit of modification to the bolt and it clears fine now. The ruger is a no go though. I need a long rail to mount on top of the standard fit ones to allow more mounting surface area. Does anyone know of a long adapter rail??
  12. Sightmark wraith extended mount

    Hi. I’ve just purchased a wraith with extended mount. My issue is that I need a longer front mount to allow the bolt to clear the new extension. Does anyone know if I can get one? You can see what I mean in the photos. The front mount that screws to the top of the receiver needs to project an...
  13. Licence in for variation

    Normally, but with this virus thing I’m not sure. I’ll ring them tomorrow and find out.
  14. Licence in for variation

    Morning all! I sent my application and firearms in for adding a 243 and 17hmr a good few weeks ago. Checked they had received it ok, which they had after 2 days of me sending it. With the current situation I’m wondering if I’ll get it done or just ask for my licence back? I need to buy more...
  15. Vortex Torque Wrench Giveaway

    299 please. Amazing offer!!