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  1. Wanted: scope bikini covers

    I will take these if they don't buy them. Jimmy
  2. Wanted: scope bikini covers

  3. Sold: Pulsar Helion Thermal XQ50F

    I have just updated add Thanks Jimmy
  4. Sold: Pulsar Helion Thermal XQ50F

    Hi updated Add Thanks Jimmy
  5. Sold: Pulsar Helion Thermal XQ50F

    Hi Bob updated add.Thanks Jimmy
  6. Sold: Pulsar Helion Thermal XQ50F

    Updated add. Thanks
  7. Sold: Pulsar Helion Thermal XQ50F

    Pulsar Helion XQ50F Thermal Image Scope. PU77395. Like new just over year old used about 5 times. I bought but no use to me on hill ground. If any one is interested PM me only and I will answer any questions or I can What's app pictures. I'm In Bonnyrigg. £1800 ono Thanks Jimmy
  8. Available: Hinds dates

    I still have some dates available for Hinds before season ends. Near Killin If your interested PM your Email Address and i will get back to you. Jimmy
  9. Hind stalking Edenchip est

    Morning Steve and Allan, I would would like to thank you for the write up on your outing with me at Edenchip Estate. It was a pleasure to have you guys out. Glad you both had a good experience in Scotland and the weather which helps makes it even better. Your welcome back amytime. Jimmy.
  10. Does anyone have contact details for Erin Ismailanji?

    Does anyone have contact details for Erin Ismailanji? He's coming stalking and I've lost his contact details. Can you ask him to get in touch? Thanks Jimmy
  11. For Sale: Argo Avenger 700

    Hi what year is the Argo. what condition are the bearings in . chassis for rust and engine are Gearbox condition ok. Jimmy
  12. Wanted: Hind stalking.

    Hi I have hind dates in January at Killin area. Just pm me your email. Regards Jimmy Taylor
  13. Wanted: Red Hinds

    Hi Andy, I have Hind dates now I'm Killin area. If you send me your email by PM. Cheers Jimmy. Chat
  14. Available: One Stag day cancelation

    I have 17th October 2019 available due to a cancellation in perthshire near Killin if your interested send me your email by PM. Thanks Jimmy
  15. For Sale: Remington SSFV 22-250

    Hi can you PM me please Jimmy