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  1. Can we go back to the old days?

    And it seems to descend into a melee at the drop of a hat. I'm growing bored of it too leec
  2. Creating a deer haven in Wiltshire

    Check out a series called The Back 40 on youtube. Like Buckaroo says the Americans have this one nailed and The Back 40 documents the steps these guys went through to turn 40 acres into prime deer habitat. Should help illustrate some of the things they went through which you could apply over here
  3. Planning a Mini Beer Festival

    Fyne Brewery Highlander/Jarl both very good ales. Jarl is a very refreshing blonde ale and Highlander is a delicious medium-bodied ale. On top of that it's hard to go wrong with a few bottles of Newcastle Brown :thumb:
  4. Rare liver?

    I've been eating it rare for most of my life, no issues so far 👍
  5. Sold: Deerhunter jacket XL cheap

    Pm inbound
  6. Poaching, just how much is actually going on?

    Getting visited by dog men lamping CWD each month driving vehicles over the drilled crops and tearing the poor critters to pieces and leaving them to rot
  7. Building a gaming PC

    I'm sure your internet is fine. The games you have listed are graphically demanding except rocket league which can be played on a mobile phone. I'm not sure where CS is getting his information from but it is not accurate. Warzone is a modern "Triple A" game, Triple A meaning cutting-edge...
  8. Building a gaming PC

    Were you expecting his present to be multiple thousands of pounds? Warzone and Grand Theft Auto are graphic intensive contrary to the above post however the specs he has given you are for a top-of-the-line computer that will cost more than Swaro glass
  9. Building a gaming PC

    I don't wish to derail the thread so I won't say anymore but Stadia is not replacing desktop gaming any time in the future and recommending such on a thread about Christmas gifting is a sure-fire way to have disappointed and sad children. Google Stadia is Cancelled I've lost most of...
  10. Building a gaming PC

    Yeah there's a bit of a craze with RGB lighting at the moment but there will be options to remove it. Some cases are a bit more tasteful than the above! On the above link scroll down and look on the left of the screen and you can see "case". Click it Then you can select a different case...
  11. Building a gaming PC

    Stadia is in the bin currently and there's not much hope for the future The game streaming tech is quite a way off in the future and certainly for the next decade desktop gaming will remain king Undoubtedly...
  12. Building a gaming PC

    It's quite important to know so the right power of machine could be recommended! If it's a shouty game it's probably something fast paced like a shooter but they have varying requirements from a PC themselves. See if you can find out a game title and let me know
  13. Building a gaming PC

    Not the most demanding games by any stretch so a mid-range rig would be fine for them. Recommended processor for Fortnite is an i5 which would take you into a considerate cost! Without knowing your budget it's hard to say but you'll be looking at around £600 to £700 for a rig that will...
  14. Building a gaming PC

    SCAN are usually pretty good
  15. Building a gaming PC

    Depends on the kind of games your kid likes - what works for strategy games might not be powerful enough to run MMO games etc.