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  1. Buffalo

    Most Enjoyable thank you.
  2. A Very Special Character

    Great read thank you my very first outing on the hinds was at Glen Lyon, 3 days of pure bliss 17 hinds taken between 2 of us the stalker was Mr G grant.
  3. Saw chains: quality, price, sharpening services

    The blade on my bigger saw goes away to be sharpened the smaller saw I use these. 14" 35cm Archer Chainsaw Saw Chain Pack Of 2 Chains Fits Stihl MS180 MS181 018 3821142027062 | eBay will use about a dozen to 15 a year they are perfect for my usage. have to admit to being rather brutal with my saw.
  4. Pretty sexy...

    During lockdown yes I'm sure I'm not on my own
  5. Pretty sexy...

    Pink is ok, anyone elsewhere a pink thong on the right occasion?
  6. Pretty sexy...

    Nice ladies rifle.
  7. New Strain of virus

  8. Bergara B14 hunter SA, AICS conversion

    Didn’t take long probably around an hour mostly with the dermal, if your gunsmith is not too expensive on his hourly rate might be the best way forward. Seem to remember a video on YouTube of a bloke fitting one to a McMillan or some aftermarket stock. Give it a google might help you make a...
  9. Bergara B14 hunter SA, AICS conversion

    I did fit one of these to a B14 HMR didn’t quite just drop in a bit of filling required (not to the stock) Got me back up and running.
  10. Quotes that resonate for you...

    Lies, damned lies, and statistic’s Boris Johnson?.
  11. Prize Giveaway No 2 - Guessing Game

  12. Pete from Lancs

    welcome :thumb:
  13. Haix Boots

    I normally take a 12 and have a wide foot, had to go with the 13 w to get the best comfort. They are like slippers wear them every day.
  14. I know, I know....I should be happy...

    I only got through the top section and my head hurt. What is OCD?
  15. Hitler and the vortex Strike Eagle

    And the follow-up
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