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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
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    Backbreaking work, But the taste of meat is delicious
  2. Post your random nature photographs.

    Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
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    Comment by 'johntorcasio' in media 'Sambar Deer Doe'

    Yep looks like about 150 kg-330 lb
  4. Sambar Deer Doe

    Sambar Deer Doe

  5. John Torcasio: Photo Albums

    John Torcasio: Photo Albums

  6. Police Points This Gun at You. Should You Be Afraid?

    The simple answer is yes you should be very afraid, Police shoot first and don't worry about answering questions latter
  7. Hi all

    Thank you all
  8. Hi all

    Thank you Rory
  9. Hi all

    Hello all my name is John and i am from Australia, I found this forum while searching for a Schmidt and Bender scope i Have been stalking deer for about three years now i mainly use a Rem 7600 in 30-06 but i also have a 416 WBY which i have been using a lot more. This young Sambar deer was...
Leica Amplus 6