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    • Jon P reacted to Evert's post in the thread South Africa - Free State and Limpopo with Like Like.
      Good Day Everyone I thought I would share our recent hunt we completed last week with a UK Hunter. In total is was 10 days of Hard...
    • Jon P replied to the thread Self Loading Hand Guns.
      I have a Walter PP . .32 for humane dispatch, FAC due to expire in December, I am waiting for the drama as read the same info previously...
    • Folks, I have availability for red stags. Location is the West Midlands area of England, on 2500 acres. Stalking and high seats...
    • Jon P reacted to andyk's post in the thread Capreolus Club Banned from Restaurant. with Like Like.
      @geoffw how did he link your email address to your post? Just a thought but, If he took it from the information you provided to allow...
    • Jon P reacted to tozzybum's post in the thread Common sense prevails with Like Like.
      Finally the big supermarkets have stopped selling the foil bbq,s . Cause of man a fire as they keep glowing after you go home
    • Jon P replied to the thread For Sale: Photon RT 6x50 S.
      Price drop £200 inc P&P
    • Jon P reacted to Foxyboy43's post in the thread Fox kills zoo's oldest penguin with Like Like.
      Did the fe fe fox pe pe pick a pe pe penguin? Younger members ask your gr gr grandad. 🦊🦊
    • Jon P reacted to Smellydog's post in the thread Catapult hunting with Like Like.
      Sounds more like a fox got in the pen to me 🤔🤫
    • Jon P reacted to Shaun Goss's post in the thread Bit of artwork in progress with Like Like.
      Many on here have got several of my prints and originals so I thought it might be nice to share my current work in progress with you...
    • Jon P replied to the thread Wanted: Terrier.
      I would agree with you when I was younger, i to old to be digging down 9 ft to get my dog back when I know the fox is already dead...
    • Jon P reacted to NigelM's post in the thread Cheeky chap in the garden with Like Like.
      Spotted this chap at lunch time so snuck outside for a little stalk with a camera.
    • Jon P replied to the thread Wanted: Terrier.
      I kept number of them over the years, that one in the pic was a liability with any animal other then cattle and sheep. People always...
    • Jon P replied to the thread What To Do With This Head?.
      Keep it and enjoy the memories, I have some on walls, or just leave them on shelves in the house with other bits and pieces.
    • Jon P replied to the thread Goat stalking?.
      Have never stalked goats but have eaten a fair few over the years, it is very nice in a curry, long time ago there was a Billy goat on a...
    • Jon P replied to the thread Wanted: Terrier.
      Probably avoid pattedales if it your first terrier, some of the older lines can be hell on legs. 😊
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