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  1. West Coast Himalayan Tahr

    Just recieved the Tahr skin and fallow head, good start to the weekend, hopefully a few roe/reds on the deck this weekend too!
  2. Trophy Bonded Bear Claw

    I know someone that use bear claw rounds in africa on several impala, warthog kudu etc and was very complimentary to performance. No personal experience, sorry
  3. Sold: AIM 55 Drag Bag

    Very good drag bags, who ever buys wont be disappointed
  4. BMH utility

    Evening guys, Just something I've been thinking about for a while... how many of you guys take you BMH with you when foxing in daylight aswell as deer stalking? If so, how do they get on? Ive got no doubt they can follow the trail but do guys actually use them as an all round stalking dog...
  5. Croatian Mouflon/wild boar/golden jackal

    The pig and the jackals
  6. Croatian Mouflon/wild boar/golden jackal

    On day 2 we drove some 500km North East, literally just 2km north of the Bosnian border. Very interesting to see entire villages still abandoned with bullet holes in the buildings from the Yugoslav wars. The travel was in order for us to try and get a wild boar or jackal. We were sat out on...
  7. Croatian Mouflon/wild boar/golden jackal

    Hey guys, starting to make a bit more of a hanot of these, maybe i can get round to doing an Africa write up at some point. 3 of us have just spent the weekend in Croatia with Vlad from FARhunt prinarily hunting Mouflon but managed to bag a wild boar and golden jackal also. Just before i...
  8. Goat Country

    Great write up and stunning pictures mate, when i was out there we went onto a farm to look for a fallow, got a nice buck and then managed to cull 8 goats with the 7mm08 before running out of ammo! Got back, told the farmer, his response? "****s, well thanks.... but bring more ammo next time"...
  9. Big game hunting - marmite

    On the flip side, it is very refreshing to see a number of true hunting folk supporting eachother on here!
  10. Big game hunting - marmite

    I cant believe the level of ignorance of some people on this site, who the hell are we to tell other people how to manage their animal populations? If you pay for stalking on someone elses ground (regardless of meat retention, trophies etc) but are anti-African hunting, you need to re-evaluate...
  11. West Coast Himalayan Tahr

    Send me a PM mate
  12. West Coast Himalayan Tahr

    Skull being done by the guide and rug being done by a tannery mate
  13. Sticking the Pig

    Im not fussed about upsetting the apple cart, if people dont like reading about legal hunting especially when its a taste of other peoples cultures then they can stop reading. If theyre that offended by it, i suggest they pack up shooting deer but just my opinion.
  14. Sticking the Pig

    Much more intimidating i can imagine