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  1. Thermals coming down in price?

    That has made my night
  2. Time to jump ship? Scotland to NZ

    Also, houses are cheap if youre away from the big cities like Auckland/Queeny
  3. Time to jump ship? Scotland to NZ

    Get out there! Pig hunting with the dogs World class Reds, Tahr and Chamois on public land and in plenty of supply at the moment. Fallow, sambar, whitetail, elk and goat also... great fishing. The countryside on the south island is nothing short of magical. Far better attitude/respect to...
  4. SAA Flight Cancellations

    I agree with some of what you say but im not sure how its unethical to hunt with the PHs rifle. You zero the rifle when you get there, if youre not comfortable with it and shoot poorly most PHs will allow pracitce or are able to offer another rifle. If you cant pick up any plains game calibre...
  5. Ruining it for yourself

    An issue that I have found with this site is how difficult it is to provide insight on an issue... last month somebody wrote about a poor experience when stalking, several people PM'd the guy that posted the write up, including myself. He decided to put a factual and non slanderous post on the...
  6. Deleted media

    Cheers great answer
  7. Deleted media

    Pictures of other animals that arent dead and scenic views on the site?
  8. Deleted media

    I put some photos on from Africa over the weekend and they seem to have been deleted? Regards Josh
  9. SAA Flight Cancellations

    I totally understand that, but i also think that most guys going to RSA from the UK will be hunting plains game, with the more serious DG hunters travelling elsewhere to places like Zim and Tanzania to shoot the wild DG. I've personally never had an issue using someone elses rifle whether thats...
  10. Gay article V Deer article

    Along with the line... "I will try anything twice"
  11. Gay article V Deer article

    You never quite know what guys get up to in the bush until you see what they view on these forums... Josh
  12. Rifles for Cape Buffalo

    I would agree with most of the guys above (some very experienced Africa hunters) regarding the 375 H&H or a similiar calibre, leaving your PH with the show stopper. Much of what hunters understood about elephants at one time was written by a Mr Bell, who i believe took many of the 1000+...
  13. SAA Flight Cancellations

    Its a very unfortunate situation and a sign of more things to come. I understand the appeal of taking your own firearms but its much easier to hire when out there, especially if wanting to test a new calibre before buying one back home . Josh
  14. Wanted: Zimbabwe hunt

    Yes mate you are right to an extent, but i believe they still have quotas to fill, theyre more non trophy than cull if that makes any sense. My only thing about Namibia is that ive hunted the Kalahari twice and would prefer the terrain that Zim offers, unless there are areas of Namibia that are...
  15. Wanted: Zimbabwe hunt

    I will PM you