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    @JonnyR: yes, woodmill. @southdowns_stalking:141,12
  2. Roebucks


    East Lothian 2012 110.07 and 141.12 pts
  3. Shooting times 30/1/2013

  4. Shooting times 30/1/2013

    thanx :-)
  5. Shooting times 30/1/2013

    Im looking for the roe review of Scotland 2012, can anyone be so kind and scan it (pdf/ jpg) from the shooting times 30/1/2013 magazine for me? I have tried to contact the Shooting times, but cant get any reply.
  6. Roe review

    Does anybody know anything about the scottish roe review? I have two medal heads last year.
  7. new member from Norway

    I am a new member from Norway, 36 yrs old. Have been hunting for 20yrs, mostly in Norway but also in Scotland. I hunt elg, reindeer, red deer, roe deer and lynx. (I hunt mostly with dogs) regards Knut Bondal
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