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    For Sale: .224 bullets

    hi ill take the a max p[ease
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    yes please:D
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    Sold: Ludicrous Lumens LL700 HD

    pm send
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    For Sale: Mtm digital scales

    hi is the scale sold?
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    95g vmax

    thanks guys:tiphat:
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    95g vmax

    thanks guys vit data starts at 100grains so no go for 95g vmax
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    95g vmax

    I'm not asking for yours load just to point me in the right direction where I can find it .I will develop it myself:stir:
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    95g vmax

    Hi gents is anyone have load for 95g vmax for 6.5x55 there is nothing for that weight in my manual best would be for vit n160.and I cant find hornady data on line.Thanks
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    Wanted: 6.5

    I'm sorted now guys thanks.
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    Wanted: 6.5

    Hi guys anyone got some sierra prohunters 120g.for sale half boxes or whatever you got.thanks dont nead 1000
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    Sold: rcbs powder trickler

    pm send.
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    Sold: 6,5x55 129 gr bullets

    hi did you sold pro hunters as well? and think they are 120g
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    For Sale: N133

    shame you not closer damn :doh:
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    223 bullet

    Hi is hornady is still making 52grain 224 A maxes or should I develop load with v max 53 grain don't want to start with a max and than start again with v max if you know what I mean.