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Leica Amplus 6
  1. Wanted: Sika stalking

    Thanks Chris I have your number.
  2. Wanted: Sika stalking

    Would consider either but a cull stag in the next few weeks would be great
  3. Wanted: Sika stalking

    I'm looking for Sika Stalking for 2 near Lairg Sutherland
  4. Sold: SWAROVSKI 8X50

    I'll give you £400 ?
  5. Swarovski Rife Scope Refurbish

    What was the cost ???
  6. Swarovski Rife Scope Refurbish

    I have Swarovski Rifle Scope that's been with me and my rife for more years than I would admit, it still remains accurate and does everything I need of a rifle scope. My question is, would it be worth sending back to Swarovski to be re-coated in black just to look good again ?
  7. Wanted: Wanted Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer Stalking

    Thanks to everyone, all sorted...…………...…...
  8. Wanted: Wanted Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer Stalking

    Looking for both Muntjac and CWD stalking, not interested in trophies, looking for cull animals please.
  9. Muntjac stalking

    Who would take me out for Muntjac in Lincolnshire, who should I contact ?
  10. Gin traps

    Can't help but agree with you Shakey
  11. Making a gun room ?

    Why not have a large gun cabinet built into the wall of a normal room ?? (Edited )
  12. Another fawn

    I didn't want to get picky !
  13. Another fawn

    All to do with the cleaning out of the carcass, and the way it was taken away, however these are based on UK "Best Practice" and perhaps your guide lines regarding contamination of the carcass is different from ours. Just a personal observation given that you posted it on a UK forum.
  14. Another fawn

    To be honest there are issues here.
Leica Amplus 6