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  1. Sika venison and legal calibers

    That really is an awful shame! :cool: David.
  2. Wanted: Goose shooting

    Why don't you join a wildfowling club? My local one is £120 per year and that includes membership of Kes' favourite organisation! David.
  3. Bullet fussy or a rifle issue?

    As other people have said, shoot groups. A minimum three shots aimed at the same point, no adjustments made. If the rifle is grouping well you can adjust the scope but moving the scope in the middle just adds variables. The other advice is good if it won't shoot a good group. David.
  4. How is the British Game Alliance financed?

    It might be in the interests of all field sports enthsiasts to increase consumption of game. The more people who eat game makes it possible that they will be less taken in by the anti field sports polemic! So if they are supporting the BGA the BASC might be doing us all a favour. Perhaps this is...
  5. GWCT survey on reintroduction of beavers.

    It is a survey. They have to collect the data and analyse it. GWCT always does publish stuff but it is peer reviewed first. David.
  6. GWCT survey on reintroduction of beavers.

    Or even this one.
  7. GWCT survey on reintroduction of beavers.

    Sorry, too slow to edit as well. Please try this one.
  8. Devon Beavers

    Could people please have a look at the survey link I posted? David.
  9. GWCT survey on reintroduction of beavers.

    It would be helpful if people could have a look at this and complete the survey. It is really very short. As a bonus you can leave your email address and get their daily reports. Many thanks, David.
  10. Twist rate

    I would be tempted to go for a faster twist rate in case we all end up using longer non lead projectiles. The fact that I am a smug 1 in 9 CZ 527 223 owner has nothing to do with my point. :) David.
  11. Why the countryside can’t operate under Packham’s flag of peace

    I am afraid we can't forget Packham, he has got too many of his irrational followers embedded in so called conservation bodies. Many of the foot soldiers in these bodies are rational and understanding of the work we do but many running these organisations are not. Just look at the damage done by...
  12. I thought this was interesting.

    As we always knew we are green. David.
  13. Lead shot on pheasant days?

    There is also some research in the States that in areas where there is a lot of wildfowling that iron salts in the water are starting to cause problems! Iron is much, much more soluble in cold water than lead! Still I suppose we mustn't let facts get in the way of a "good" policy! David.
  14. Smart Magpies

    I would have thought contaminating foodstuffs was different legally to your roof. I accept that it would be very annoying though. David.