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  1. Hello from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    welcome from carlisle
  2. Sold: Icotec fox caller

    if its not sold I will have it
  3. Wanted: Pulsar Trail and Ultra N355

    hi got a pulsar trail xq38 its been used for a hour sighted in had a look out later that night found its not for me as new
  4. Sold: Drone

    how long since clive had a look at it ?
  5. Sold: Drone

    whats your best price ?
  6. Sold: Drone

    hi you still got the drone ?
  7. For Sale: Pard Units NV008, NV007

    hi ian called you yesterday did you find a pard 007 ?
  8. Hello from the North West

    welcome from cumbria
  9. Vortex Torque Wrench Giveaway

    nice offer 49
  10. Best night vision for 1k?

    pard 007 on the right scope with a good ir don't need anything more
  11. For Sale: Dragonfly Laser

    hi is the dragonfly still for sale ?
  12. Wanted: Delta Titanium 2.5-15x56 HD SF IR

    buy a sightron 4-20x50 s-tac works better than the delta by a long way
  13. Build a night vision Spotter

    use your camera buy a adaptor off ebay and a 5x100 lens