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    Not long till the bucks now.
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    Nice mate :thumb:
  3. Introduction from Norfolk

    Hi and welcome to the site my wife has a ant that was in the RAF and now works for the RAF and a uncle that was in the RAF they stay just outside king's lynn. Atb Kev
  4. Show us your favourite deer photo.

  5. View from the office.

    This was the view from my office window in the summer. We had this hot air balloon land in the field next to where we were chopping silage.
  6. New Guy from Blackwood, Scotland

    Hello and welcome from over strathaven way. ATB Kevin
  7. Hot highlander.

    No bother Doug Cheers kev

    Nice to see well done Doug. :thumb:
  9. Hot highlander.

    Took this pic at a friends bonfire night. There was no fireworks as he has horses and livestock close by. It was just a get together for hot dogs soup and a bonfire.
  10. My first missed Deer

    PKL Doug was knackered it was a hard few days I think that was the cause of Doug's expression.
  11. My first missed Deer

    Not a problem Doug any time. I have tracked and found deer for a few others. It's always a pleasure to help. Regards Kev
  12. James

    Hi and welcome from over Strathaven way. Regards Kev
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    Looks well. Well done auld yin.
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    Nice mate well done.
  15. Decent Rain Jackets

    I use the Flexothane jacket and trousers almost every day on the farm they last for ages totaly water proof. I have tried other none have lasted along as these. Atb kev