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  1. New Knee?

    I'm suffering with knee pain. I had an arthroscopy eight years ago, which helped for a few years, but now, at the age of 57, I'm pretty lame. I get about, all be it painfully, and it doesn't stop me stalking, but even with doses of naproxen. it's a bind. It affects my sleep too, as I'm always...
  2. Talking stalking, North Wales

    I'll turn up if it goes ahead ! Kev.
  3. Drone Pro Spares

    I've managed to lose the rubber eye cup on my x10 Drone Pro. Would anyone have a contact number relating to a service center where I could purchase a replacement? Thanks Kev.
  4. Sir Guy Wallace - The End of the Game

    Just watched it on BBC World News Storyville. A very good and interesting half hour. What a character! Kev.
  5. Colour hadening

    You could ring Mr Edwards to re colour it. Paul Edwards - Gun Restoration, Barrel Bluing, Case Colour Hardening, Stock Checkering - UK Kev.
  6. Las Vegas

    +1 for Bullets and Burgers, was there 3 years ago. It's a one off, and I shot M16, SAW, Uzi, Mini Uzi, and a 50 cal. Kev. p ps Burgers are good too ! pps I've got a NM800 ir I don't use, pm me if you're interested. It's like new!
  7. Sporting Rifle Register

    Thanks Guys, the one from Monarch Country is the one I have, so I've just ordered one off Rob ! Kev. ps Just the one Trev!
  8. Sporting Rifle Register

    I have a "Sporting Rifle Register" in which I have been keeping records of my successful outings, for the last twenty years. It's a nice reminder of days and nights out and about. If you are not familiar with these books, they are a bit more specific than the usual game book/registers. They...
  9. lynx escapes in Wales.

    Is this the reason the WMS website and facebook page is off line? Kev.
  10. Big cats in the UK. (Video)

    The local keeper is on the look out for him, he recognizes his beat on one of "pikeys" videos where he's after pheasants. Muppet ! Kev.
  11. De humidifier

    Thanks Gents ! Kev.
  12. De humidifier

    Any recommendations for a dehumidifier? Our house was built in the 1700's and as my guns/equipment are stored in the basement, I sometimes get some bloom on wood and leather. I always keep metal parts oiled, but could do with something to remove moisture from the room. Also had three 12...
  13. Roe stalking auction

    Thanks Andrew, I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Glad you found some deer, and respect for using a rifle and scope that should be in a museum. ps I'll make sure there's a spade available if you visit again! Kev.
  14. Socks and wellies

    A band of insulation tape over your socks, around your ankle just below the bone. Use this regularly, never fails ! Kev