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  1. Vinyl Friday

  2. short rabbit tale.

    I think the lady needs to be told that they are penguins?
  3. Omricron B

  4. The Doghouse meet. Oxfordshire.

    sorry in isolation awaiting middle daughter's PCR test results as she came home Monday afternoon after being pinged - we have lateral flow tested and clear but just making sure...
  5. For Sale: Peltor Sport- Tac ear defenders

    he can't hear you...
  6. Put your hands up for Just A Knife.

    No8, Sir
  7. Put your hands up for Just A Knife.

    agree but he too is on the list to receive ole JAK
  8. Speeding ticket revenue

    I got a ticket 26 in a 20 zone overtaking two side by side cyclists, the lady that had the camera was in an argument with another cyclist with her arms crossed and was very quick in her quick draw to point the camera at me...
  9. Put your hands up for Just A Knife.

    You are No21 on my list so number 24 in JAKS life David, John, Me plus the list
  10. Put your hands up for Just A Knife.

    After You Rob it goes to unicorn71 in Derbyshire
  11. Put your hands up for Just A Knife.

    it is what it is, as JG said at the start 'No Rules' I uploaded to the first thread, others didn't I added a picture of 'a location near to me' as requested by JG for DAVID I signed the book and sent with JAK to the next person on the first thread list I have the thread list I DIDN'T SHARPEN...
  12. Put your hands up for Just A Knife.

    Good ole JAK, Bedfordshire bound weldone Scott lookout Free range rob
  13. .22lr setups

    For what, Target, Vermin, or for the hell of it - rifle and pistol?
  14. Show Us Your Poppy

    a diamond geezy mucker, little things X
  15. Show Us Your Poppy

    I use them as a training aid when teaching 1. it gives the shooter the feeling of a lighter trigger (and can be used on a rifle that you can't adjust the trigger on?) 2. it makes sure they are square on the pull 3. on target rifles and pistols it is common to have a wide blade trigger you can...
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