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  1. The Official Deer Man

    Nice one and thanks to my mate in Devon, no idea what happened to the original media
  2. Calibre for K95 woodland muntjac

    figured if I send all over to Creedmoor there would be some good guns available to those that know?
  3. Sold: replica flintlocks

    nice one and good questions 'riddick'
  4. Calibre for K95 woodland muntjac

    :-) I run a post-it note company for this sort of thing? IF INTERESTED?
  5. Calibre for K95 woodland muntjac

    now that's gun porn, what else does a man want (let me know if you are selling it)
  6. No rifle

    exactly, lovely to see, watch and learn...
  7. No rifle

    lovely, what's wrong with them
  8. Humane doe dispatch

    why have you waited so long!
  9. Calibre for K95 woodland muntjac

    creedmoor final

    A pound, I just can't find anyone that will sell me one at that price
  11. I see the gypo’s cant catch C19

    Ashbury was hit, a farmer losing a quad bike
  12. Sold: Danum Blades Coney Catcher

    for those who haven't followed this craftsman HERE HE IS
  13. Sold: Danum Blades Coney Catcher

    Loverly, PM inbound...
  14. Large capacity gun cabinet

  15. Large capacity gun cabinet

    I got three 'big uns' available in Surrey, each is a double door, will try and find dimensions/details and images