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  1. Lost my sika call!

    Stick with the Sceery but why they are now circa £26 is frankly beyond me. K
  2. Rifle sling

    I use the best K
  3. Landrover defender prices

    A 4-year old sheepdog sold at auction for £20K last week. A Lady Shepherd from somewhere "up North" purchased it and is very happy as she made known on the BBC Radio 4 Farming Today show. A LR Defender is worth what someone will pay for it just like any other branded item to be found in the SD...
  4. psychiatrist ?

    I recall Glenda Jackson being subject to the BBC's "In The Psychiatrist's Chair" with Dr. Anthony Clare and it was very telling so can only begin to imagine what he would coax from the SD membership and commencing with Red Dot and those who rail against rails as I'm certain both lack a degree of...
  5. How heavy is your rifle?

    I don’t know but most certainly all the lighter for lack of a scope rail! K
  6. Vinyl Friday

  7. For Sale: Meopta Meostar R2 2-12x50 RD 4K Ret + R2 Ballistic Turret

    You need this:®-5-20x50-scope.135445/ K
  8. Busting the myth of camouflage clothing

    But good for a late afternoon knee-trembler behind the ferret racing tent? K
  9. Calling all heathens,who doesnt swear.

    How many stalk on this forum? K
  10. Vinyl Friday