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  1. B F Goodrich AT

    thanks for the number pierred
  2. B F Goodrich AT

    cheers mate I've emailed them but still waiting for a reply, its a l200 i'm wanting them for so if they catch a little i'd be able to wind the torsion bars up a touch. how long ago did you purchace them?
  3. B F Goodrich AT

    Hi mate could tell me were you got the tyres in that size from 265 65 r18 cheers as i'm after some new tyres due to not been able to get grabbers at2's in 18".
  4. B+B or Hotel near commondale north yorks please

    Not to sure about Commondale, but their is a good few b+b,s only a couple of miles down the road at Castleton, :THE ESK DALE: and Dandy :THE DUKE: also the Fox and Hounds at Ainthorpe but your best bet would be to check on the site as their is a good few in the area just not sure what...
  5. post a pic of your rifle

  6. scales

    thanks for the reply charadam 8)
  7. Shortage of Federal Ammo

    got some federal 85gr a fortnight ago went for some this week and they have gone up nearly a fiver a box
  8. Prvi Partisan

    when i first bought my tikka i was trying different ammo ,bought some of the privvi in .243 and could get a better group with the shotgun :lol:
  9. 3XM1 high Seats

    we have two they are ok for the price, very stable,light could do with the rail a little higher though
  10. scales

    does anyone have instructions for a smartreloader sr750 digital scale,i've mislaid mine and want to recalibrate it with regards landrover

    Re: Bullet Seating. i have just started to reload i'll have to give this ago, thanks
  12. Badger damage

    we've had trouble with them on the feeders snapping the spirals,and digging up the fields