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  • I have a mate for the head pictured on gallery extra point growing out of coronet.fellow shot it last week as part of his L2 it will be in boilng pot tonight.
    Hi lee i have a chap who sells a litle shooting who is looking for another outlet.
    all he wants for filling guns is a little free shooting.
    he is tied up in germany in the army and only comes home 1-2 a year so he wont be a pest.
    he runs a web site selling shooting but things are slow for him.
    might be good for the both of you.
    are you interested in talking to him.
    regards john.
    ok mate ill keep september clear for now and await you to confirm a date look forward to hearing from you
    Hi Lee, At the moment most of September is free. I think that after the severe winter we have had here (still a meter of snow) the deer wont be in good condition till end August anyway. However as I said I cant really take a definite booking till I see what the power company are up to and when. They intend to create a quarry in the wood and will be blasting at some stage which will put the whole wood temporarily off limits. But I am posative there will be a chance at some point for you to come up. David
    Hi Lee, I thought you had dropped off the edge of the world. Thanks for the enquiry. I dont usually do as short breaks as 3 days in the stag season as the cabin has been fully booked in the past. However you may be in luck this time as the giant pylon line construction is said to start in August. If this happens then I can see that I wont be able to rent the cabin to families for holidays due to the disturbance near the cabin.(60 lorries a day within 80 meters) It wont affect all the deer stalking though so what I am telling folk is to keep in touch and once I know what this project really means and what they are doing I can have you here at short notice. Cost iro£80 per day for the cabin with cull Red Stags ie 3year olds and under £130 with you keeping the carcass. Tell me what you think. David
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