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Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing
  1. Clubs/Ranges North East England

    There's no private full bore ranges Graham, all the clubs in the North East use the MoD ranges at Ponteland, Catterick and Otterburn. I'm a member of the Louisa Centre Gun Club which shoots twice a week on an indoor range for small bore shooting and has an outdoor full bore shoot at least once...
  2. Ammo shortage?

    There were 7 million NEW gun owners in the US last year so that would only have been 1 round each!
  3. 2005 Grand vitara - stalking vehicle additions.

    Why not look at a portable winch, they're still electric but contained in a cradle which you can mount either front or back depending upon the situation. I used to off road a lot and knew lads who had installed lift kits but they do mess with steering, angle of propshafts, brake pipes etc so I...
  4. Medium?

    They've obviously forgot how to cook during lockdown
  5. Ground anchor/winching

    If you're burying the shovel, do you not need another shovel to dig the original out???
  6. .308 Moderator Recommendations

    Friend of mine used DPT mods and swears by them.
  7. VAT

    When you deregister from VAT, you have to pay VAT on the assets you have left. If it was as easy as you think, everyone would be doing it.
  8. Barrel break-in, unnecessary faff or worthwhile?

    I've just started reading The Green Meanie by Steve Houghton and Accuracy International really had to force the army to shoot their new rifles in. They were do used to using old Enfields converted into 'new' rifles.
  9. Is it actually worth it??

    It's horses for courses. I only do target shooting so reload 38 Special, 303, 7.62 and 44 magnum. I can easily do 50 rounds of 38 in a night and when I shooting gallery rifle I can do 150 rounds in a morning. Because I've made them and they're sitting in the cabinet, I don't really think of the...
  10. Sold: 4x4

    The Fiat was just a rebadged Mitsubishi. The HiLux obviously get rave reviews, are reliable but heavy on fuel compared to others and will cost more to buy. I have an Isuzu extended cab and it has been very good over the 3 years I've owned it. You're also looking at a bad time as the prices of...
  11. Another underlever thread

    Just to pick up on something - it's 38/357, not 375. I have a Uberti 1873 in 357 and its devine, love shooting it, can work the lever with one finger. I've fired Rossis which seem a bit agricultural as does my Winchester 94 44 magnum. Only downside to Uberti is you can't fit a scope as they...
  12. Home made venison charcuterie.

    WOW!!!!! That looks fantastic!!!
  13. Considering something to bash my gong.

    Definitely .223 or .308 - big range of rifles and factory ammunition. GGG 7.62x51 £12 for 20 rounds and .223 £24 for 50. Good brass as well if you reload.
  14. Wide but shallow gun safe

    Brattonsound do one called the Titan, meant to be 20 gun safe, but not sure on dimensions. It's obviously wide.
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