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  1. Wanted: Winchester AA hulls

    28 gauge isn't exactly a common calibre and its a long long time since Winchester have been available in the UK
  2. For Sale: Wildfowling cartridges;

    I think it's you!!!🤣🤣 Makes sense to me!
  3. Westlander

    Has anyone been able to make contact with Westlander Ltd recently??? They are not answering the phone, not returning messages or replying to emails!!!!
  4. Couple jailed after attempt to import firearms and ammunition

    There was a Ross Kemp documentary on last year about gun crime. He interviewed a guy who worked for a gang who imported 50 handguns a week from the US by boat, landing at remote areas in Scotland. They sold for £2 - 3k each. When questioned was he not concerned about selling guns that would be...
  5. New UK Firearms Safety Consultation

    Wow, wind your kneck in!!! I admit I hadn't gone through every page of the HME proposal. And I never said the reloading consultation mentioned obsolete calibre weapons, I merely suggested this could be a reason for the authorities to review this. How easy is it to buy a .44 Russain revolver and...
  6. New UK Firearms Safety Consultation

    The NRA website states: A High Muzzle Energy (HME) Firearm is defined as any firearm which, using a particular round, develops a muzzle energy (ME) in excess of 4500 J (3319 ft lb) The whole paper is woolly to say the least - they claim a 77% increase in crime involving rifles, but can only...
  7. Cost effective ammo - GGG/PPU/S&B

    GGG is excellent ammunition, 7.62x51 varies between £11 and £15 per box of 20. Done no proper consistency testing but at that price, not bothered. The brass is excellent for reloading as well.
  8. I have owned five OLD Landrovers.

    Haha,great tale!!! I had Land Rovers for years and off roaded a lot so appreciate your story.

    4 used boxes now sold.
  10. Sold: SHIRT

    Lovely checky shirt, Viyella brand 16" collar size. Only been worn once or twice but a bit tight around the middle for me!!! £15 including postage to mainland UK

    2 brand new MTM Case Guard P100 boxes for 38/357 rounds, each holds 100 - £13 including postage to mainland UK 4 used boxes for 38/357, each holding 50 rounds. Red one is a slip case so lid comes off completely - £10 including postage to mainland UK
  12. Wanted: Enforcer

    PM sent
  13. Sold: Reloading bits for a .308/30cal

    Would you take £90 inc postage for the HBC bullets??
  14. Wanted: Remington 870

    It is a Remington 870 express magnum, currently 8+1. He says it states use 23/4 or 3" inch shells in magnum receivers, and he is looking for £330
  15. Wanted: Remington 870

    My mate has one, section 1, all black furniture, been used for practical shotgun in the past. He is sending me pictures later
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