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  • hi wingy

    no limit on deer shot just ask guys not to take the **** ,
    only had the ground since 1 aug 2014 members have taken 25 roe, no cull figures before that as wasn't managed
    8/9 members same as last year
    shooter keeps deer
    track around 50% of ground easy access with 4x4
    £750 per year unlimited stalking


    Hi there, may be interested in the syndicate places at Bonchester Bridge
    I have DSC 1 & 2
    BASC insurance
    First aid certificate - D13 enhanced trauma care
    Open FAC with 3 deer stalking cal rifles all moderated
    Could you tell me
    Cost per year
    Cull figures
    How many in syndicate
    Vehicle access (I have a 4x4)
    Does stalker keep the carcass or does it have to be bought
    Any limit on amount shot
    Thanks Wingy
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