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  1. Wanted: PCP air rifle set up

    Thanks guys for all your responses. Mrs was told today she may be being made redundant so air rifle search on hold for time being.😢
  2. Wanted: PCP air rifle set up

    My son is wanting to upgrade his air rifle to a pcp. What’s about in Oxfordshire area. Dads paying so go easy on the wallet, will need a tank or pump as well
  3. Pulsar Helion Holder

    I’ve got the pulsar neck strap and threaded it through the hand strap on my helion. Would of been better if it came with a neck strap and not the case it stays in when not in use
  4. Fox Calls Try this buddy hopefully some mp3 in there for you
  5. Mp3 Crow calls

    fox pro – Google Drive Try this
  6. Tikka T3x Lite .243 ammunition

    100 gn federal power shocks for me too
  7. Country Covers Club Shooting Insurance

    I’ve also been a member for a few years but have never had to make a claim. They have always been one of the cheapest Firms to supply shooting insurance, that why I’ve gone with them.
  8. Bored and can’t go shooting so ???

    Emailed to you both. Here it is in position
  9. Venison Curry (again)

    I’ve made these a couple of times and I really like them
  10. Any trade members selling z aim slings

    Hello everyone I’m wanting to buy a z aim pro stalker sling. I would like to support you guys on here first at these difficult times, are any of the trade members or normal members selling these at the moment?
  11. High seat design

    Here’s another one I’ve built multiple times
  12. High seat design

    all done buddy sent you an email
  13. Tusk in a knife

    Very nice work